Lucas : Dutch Government Says Now To Be Convinced Of Gas Attack Syria’s Regime – 12 September 2013

SYRIA I am a ashamed to be Dutch and not only for refusing a substantial part of Syrian refugees into the country but foremost for  aiding a war effort against Syria without the required evidence of 100% proof. 

It is unbelievable but still true the Dutch Government not the Dutch are convinced in specific very careful chosen words that Assad must be guilty.

I will give you the Dutch and then translate :

[Hij voegt eraan toe “dat het Syrische regime hier met aan zekerheid grenzende waarschijnlijkheid verantwoordelijk voor is”.

The whole article in Dutch you can find at  :]

What is  important is that the sentence that I have accentuated is saying the same as we already have heard before…. by others…. There is no 100% percent certainty nor is that proven. Also the UN has reported on that still they do as if there is some certainty.

The words in the sentence accentuated state : with probability bordering onto certainty…. That is in not even nearly enough of 100% proof not even nearly enough to be called certain. In plain english they say we are not certain but it is the most probable explanation and therefore it must be true….. This sort of reasoning should be in court punished for the most inventive act of lying and we have heard Kerry also express the same sort of dubious language. 

Something is true, probable or certain not something in between. If it is not backed by evidence that can proof  it 100% true it is NOT TRUE. If it can be backed by circumstantial evidence it is not certain but could be probable but still is not enough to convict someone upon even in todays standards. Certain it is not for sure as there is no evidence shown in any way to the public we can verify and there is already enough contrary evidence around but ignored. Also reviewed by the UN and others is evidence  that has been marked as doubtful and not providing enough evidence to say Assad or his regime or army did it 100%.  The standard of reasoning I see today is accusations, dubious insinuations and strong language without showing the evidence. The public may not be shown what the evidence is to get it independently researched , as the “secret evidence” is talked about behind closed doors in a committee of the parliament and is classified.  Is that already not enough certainty that we get no proof of evidence shown ever….. Just think  you must belief in that what a secret service agency has been given by an other secret service agency from an other country that has been evaluated  with “unknown” methods of evaluation and proven at first to be not 100% proof of pointing the finger to Assad.  Now the same is 180 degrees turned into calling out Assad guilty but not showing you, THE PEOPLE, any evidence that you can verify even independently again for reasons of being classified, etc.  If someone tells you a story and he says to have proof for something that happened and was very bad, but you must only belief him, cross his heart, swearing it to be true,  you would ask him still for the real evidence and what had happened in detail or go hiking for telling an evident lie. What is the difference?

Even if there is gas found in samples from the UN Team they have brought 2 days later than they arrived by plane in Rotterdam to several labs  that says nothing else than that there might be gas be used. If there is maybe tempered with the samples or something is added in the time between the inspection till the arrival of the samples at the labs is still also not to be ruled out. We have seen enough fabricated evidence already around Irak and 9/11. There is as far as pointing the finger to Assad and his regime no evidence for the gas attack. The rebels have even said (in still published by mainstream media) to have been responsible for the accidental use of the gas they had.

The people are again fooled so that war and support can be given to  Obama’s  and USA’s  push for a war and attack on Syria. Shame on the government they should be hold responsible  and liable for all they do now if they get involved or go through with aiding an attack in any form without evidence and 100% proof (that is not also verifiable and traceable for the people to see, read, hear). No more secret evidence! The government is showing their true face.  So Dutch people see what you are represented by.  Are they representing the will of the people? You know already the answer:  NO.

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