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It is time to recall how we all felt when we walked out of the movie Avatar. It struck the hearts of so many, it opened a window for all to see what was becoming of our lives, what had been taken away and what we all needed to get back. We are the Navi now fighting for our world, fighting for that reconnection when we plug our tails into the mother tree. A reconnection with life! We see now where we have gone wrong, we see where we fell off the tracks, we know what we must do and what we must try to get back. That is the beauty of where we are now, WE KNOW! Before we were stumbling blind through the darkness feeling wretched and not knowing why, alone and down hearted. No More! We can see what so-called progress has done to the world, destroying it piece by piece, stripping away the beauty slowly until soon there will be none left. Progress was just a cover word for the ongoing environmental destruction. We can see this now, we can see what we are loosing, we sense it all and we are coming awake and beginning to rally such as the Navi did when their way of life was being threatened. We are a bit late but better late than never! It is time to grab our mythical dragons and prepare for the end battle and we will not lose!

Avatar was a hard movie to watch because it showed us all point-blank what our mistakes were. Most walked away from the theater with a heavy heart longing to be able to live in a world so beautiful, untouched by man’s ugly progress and destruction. We longed for the connection that we witnessed between the Navi, we realized how empty our own lives were, how lost we were, how disconnected and alone we were. Rather than drown in regret it should have been our wake up call to awaken and realize where we strayed and fight to get back to what we want. I think for me I miss the wildness and it is something we can never get back for we have grown to large. We can reclaim some spaces however, tear up the concrete and replant trees, give used spaces back to the wild, that will help.

I have no idea what the next avatar movie will be about but I almost think he made a mistake in waiting so long to bring out the sequel for we may well have grown beyond on it by then. He waited for the time to create grandiosity on the big screen when he might have done better to realize how quickly the shift was occurring. Who knows, we shall have to wait and see, but I see us probably already having passed that point when it hits the theaters. I guess it will be great for those newly starting the journey and needing encouragement. Hopefully it will provide the motivation and inspiration for us to complete our mission if we haven’t already done so by then. I’d like to think we will have already been successful!

We have Gaia mother tree to plug into, and we have our hearts that join us all as one everywhere around the world. We are all the roots of the mother tree spreading out, touching one another and promoting growth. In our hearts is where we will find what we need to feel whole, it always has been and always will be. Thankfully we are beginning to understand the importance of how we are all one, all interconnected, all a hologram of life. We must take action to save our mother tree and our oneness. We can sit idle no more. Grab your dragon and get ready to fly!

Blessings to us all,

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