DutchNews – US And NL Agreed In 2010 To Update Nuclear Bombs, TV Show Claims – 13 September 2013

dutchnews-logo( Lucas : More and more hidden truths and hidden agendas are exposed day by day…… so that is why we could not buy an other jet or why those other jet plane options were not good enough and we were steered to buy JSF and now  all JSF planes.  Yes it shows. Or was it a package deal maybe?  Things begin to become very clear and  it shows again how “We The People” are lied to and have to pick up the bill for our  so-called  “Nuclear Weapons” free country with good USA and Israeli connections that most people thought still to be  NOT having any nuclear warheads or missiles.  It is for those already suspecting this  for a long time no news but it is for those still not seeing it a wake up call…The million times over warning to be discerning what your government,  your parliament and your so-called officials tell you and what is the real truth and reality. Wake up!)

12 september 2013

Television current affairs show Reporter will claim tonight that the Netherlands agreed with the US in 2010 to station new nuclear weapons at the Volkel airbase in Brabant.

In addition, the show will claim the JSF fighter jets the Netherlands is planning to buy from the US will be equipped to carry the new weapons.

Read the whole story at :  www.dutchnews.nl / link to original article

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