Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 14 September 2013

AnnandtheAngelsMessage From The Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

It is the nature of the universe to expand. Change is inevitable and although you will all go through very natural periods of dormancy, there will also be phases of your life when it is time to release the old in order to make room for the new.

This can be as simple as getting rid of old clothes to get ones that please you more. It can be releasing a home you no longer enjoy in favor of one that provides more financial flexibility and freedom. It can mean giving up an old way of thinking to allow greater happiness. Whenever you are wanting to create something new it is natural that you will find you must release something either inside or outside of yourself to make room for this.

So ask yourselves when you consider that which you want to bring into your life, “What would I have to give up? Would I have to give up old thought patterns? Would I have to compromise anything? Would I have to change my life in any way? Is there any resistance inside of me to this change?” For if there is resistance, you may not yet be ready for your creations to come into being. All of your being must be aligned with that which you want to create.

Change is natural dear ones. Sometimes you do give up old comfortable thoughts and things in order to have a greater joy. And yet like a child releasing the old toys he or she no longer plays with, there is likely to be a bit of nostalgia and perhaps even a bit of resistance. Everything in your lives, however, is born of the energy of God. It simply changes form.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


Message From Ann
Hi Everyone,

When I lived in an apartment years ago I remember thinking that I loved it, and the lifestyle it afforded me so much I could never give it up. Yet when the time came for me to move to the home I am now in, I couldn’t wait to leave! There have been things in my life that I thought I would never part with, and one day they simply no longer delight me so I pass them on. There have been friends I thought I would have for life that suddenly changed and were no longer in my lives. There was a great career that my entire life up to that point had led me to which, one day, I suddenly gave up.

I seem to be an a lifelong cycle of changes! The angels are right. There are periods of dormancy too. I once joked with a client that I know if I am inclined to sit on the couch in the evenings and watch “The Food Network” for months, then I know suddenly I will wake up with the idea for a new class or a new book and be crazy busy. I surrender to these cycles, knowing that my heart knows a timing that I do not. The animals for example, sense the seasons. The bears are not thinking to themselves, “Let’s see, we better eat a lot now. It will be time to hibernate in a few months!” Instead they are simply responding to life, filling their bellies on the late summer harvest, and slowing down when the colder temperatures begin to set in. Everything in nature responds to its natural cycles. We can too.

You will know when it is time to make change in your life when something suddenly feels inspiring or exciting. You will know when the old thoughts, beliefs, or things are not making you happy. You will know when you suddenly feel as if you no longer fit the circumstances, situations, or circles in which you reside. Change does take courage sometimes. It is hard to say to someone, “I no longer want to do this thing that we have done together for so long.” It can be challenging to part with a pair of jeans that was once so comfy but no longer fits! It can be very hard at times to part with old upsets, frustrations, and beliefs that feel so familiar, and risk opening your heart to new people in your life. Yet if we are willing to change and release the old when the natural urge to do so hits us, we find an even greater joy, even greater freedom, and most of all evidence of the constant and unending love of God as this Source directs our lives.

Have a blessed week,
I love you all,
Ann / link to original article

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