Lisa Gawlas – Radical Change! – 15 September 2013

lisagawlas2From the perspective of the human laying flat out on the ground, I just want to shout out “when the hell will this end already!!??”  The human here, is so ready to tap out, call it enough… yet… that pesky freakin spirit says, ohh we can take more, this is just a minor inconvenience!  Ya ever just wanna smack yourSelf?  lol  But instead, I just curl up within mySelf, like a child in her mothers arms.

I look at the readings, so many people going thru a major cycle of completion, some already thru the harder times (humanly speaking) others in the midst of it, yet others getting ready for the big purge.  All of this, of course, is if we allow it.

This is NOT a time to squander one precious moment.

The first day the readings changed, the very first day I had seen the magnetic field of energy planted in the heart center of the front yard field (in coming energy), my second reading of that day was well, a little unnerving in understanding.

With this precious soul, my soul sister that stood at the front of the line with me, to experience lessons in procrastination (smile) there was no imagery or energy coming from the front yard view, so I moved over to my regular reading chair and aligned mySelf to the backyard field.  What i had seen really did shock me.  For a fleeting moment I seen this huge black hole kind of energy aligned directly on the side of the Mesa.  I watched as it quickly shrunk in size and closed itself up and then ceased to exist.  What the hell is that?  Well, that was the end of her visuals.  But then the release of information into my consciousness of these last two years flowed into me in nano-seconds, including the emergence of the black hole energy earlier this year.

“If you do not use it, you loose it.”  The higher wisdom made available to us, thru application and experience, not seeing, hence the black hole.

The fact that her “black hole” was completely against the Mesa itself brought me back to the first few months here.  The visions and understandings, the huge golden vault that opened to the deep inner storage space of the symbology of the Mesa.  Ancient wisdom.  Full connection to your own Guardian aspects.  And trust me, this has nothing to do with my arrival Here.  This opportunity started to emerge at the September equinox in 2011.  We have had 2 years to access, assimilate and apply what was available to us, if we dared.  For many of us, it meant applying radical change into every aspect of our lives.  To find new ways of application that makes the “old way” moot.  To become so aligned with your ancient wisdom, there is nothing else outside of it.

And yet, with each application of new insight, new wisdom, new ways of being in life, we begin to build a new collective, which is now completely formed and available to those vibrationally aligned to it.   We will find more and more “antenna’s” plugged into this brand new collective, information sharing pocket of spiritual humans.  This is truly what is happening now (if we allowed it).  A brand new plug in.

The only thing I could think to do for my precious lady who’s black hole is sealing up was to introduce her to the series event from last year I called “Hypnosis from the Guardians.”  Three hypnosis sessions that was transmitted by the Guardians and that I performed.  Until now, it has only been on a webpage on my site and I have transferred the three hypnosis sessions to my Drop Box, if you click on the above link, it should take you to my drop box area and you can download all of them.  If the link I have provided does not work and you want to have these three sessions, just send me your email address and I will send you a personal link.  You do have to sign up for drop box, which is free and easy.

If I can contrast something here.  We have amazing energy, opportunities, creative powers completely available to us now.  What we do with them and how we use them, is completely up to us.  But if I may suggest to use your creator skills wisely… not to escape, not to avoid the experience we find ourselves in, but to empower the experience on all levels.  Radical change/application is called for now.

Let me tell ya, my physical body feels like it is going thru radical change lol.  My monthly cycle seems to want to keep up with the deluge of rain coming in.  Draining my physical energy, and hitting every emotional stop along the outflow.  Sadness (not caused by recent events,) melancholy, subtle joy, more sadness, coupled with tired beyond comprehension.

My team showed me this morning there are two phases to this massive and complete change out of energy.  They show me the visual like an incoming hurricane.  The first phase (for me at least) was the clearing of the emotional body.  Then, silly silly me, on the 13th, I started to feel “clear” entering the eye of the hurricane.  Yesterday started to full on release of my physical body thru the sinus’, the bowels, the uterus.  At noon yesterday, my entire plug was pulled out (psychically and energetically speaking) and I curled up like a heap on my couch.  I never get cramps during my cycle time, but then again, this is no ordinary time for any of us.

I would so tap out if I didn’t fully understand how freakin important this time is to ALL of us!!

I have to giggle, I pulled out my runes, dusted them off (smile) and pulled on that would represent our time collectively.

Gotta love HAGALAZ:

Disruption; Elemental Power, Hail  Esoteric: Crisis or Radical Change (No wonder I keep hearing that word “radical change” this morning)

Hagalaz appears in the beginning of the second aett, representing both an ending and a new beginning, and the challenge that lies in weathering the storm that will occur between the two points. Like the “Tower” card in the Tarot, although it is primarily a negative force, it is a necessary one to bring about decisive change, to break old patterns or relations that were impeding our growth. This rune helps us realize that no matter how tough things seem at the moment, it is merely a “wake up call” that offers progression, one that will lead us closer to our goals.

And in my world, Nature herself is right in step with this Rune.  Days 5 of constant rain in the desert!!

Hail to Change!!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article

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