Lucas – Knowing The Power Within – Being Oneness and Unity Within – 15 September 2013

File:Type 1c Gamma Ray Burst 01.jpgKnowing your power is within makes it easier  and easier to see through the bones that are still thrown to you and you would otherwise reluctantly accept with a big thank you….  It is about knowing and not believing! It is not about going to think you are  free if you close the doors for the other polarity you still keep fearing without cause… If you know to be free and found your power within your heart-source center will need nothing else.

The enclosure is now jumping into my focus as I observe the multiple ways that people and others with hidden intentions are still going for.  Enclosures are still enclosures… even if you make them look like heaven. If you have to obey still the rules that keep you not in power and bound you are not free. The mere thought to be just not free does not make you free. Something you need build a barrier for or a fence around to keep you from hurting or being interfered with is showing you are not in the centered and in the neutral zone,  but in polarity and in the mind.

The mind I talk about is  that what lives in your skull not that of your heart of course.  You are still thinking your way out of YOU, and not  seeing and feeling it is inside.  Easy does it, if you go back to search for those that can help you to be free outside the self empowered you. Are you looking for those that can give you that wall that does not make your privacy go away. Are you asking for help to get your demons neutralized. Are your still going to think you need to contract with some entity to talk or be you and be free. Do you still think you need to be unbound from negative forces, etc. It is you creating the illusion and it will be as real as you want it to be.

If you know to be free and also know to be the empowered you that has no fear,as it is no more, you are free.  No need to think about being free anymore.  Every bit of thought that goes into excluding, making barricades, seeing the others that you perceived only as evil is  getting back into full polarity modus and therefore duality.  Duality comes still in different shapes and on lots of levels on and off planet.  I ask of you to keep your door open and not go into fear, hate, anger, or even the love that is conditional. Yes the love that has conditions attached to it not the unconditional love of being heart-source connected that love that is in the neutral zone.

Are you willing to get rid of your old beliefs, dogmas and even new created beliefs or dogmas.  Are you willing not go into saviour modus  that leads you away from your inner-power in giving it away again.  There is no-one or something or some event that can save you! The one you can save is only you… You can’t  be saved by anyone else. When you realize to be in that neutral space of your heart-source connection you will see there is no need for saving. You will see also that there is no polarity anymore that gets you going into extremes, into arguments, battles, conflict. It is no more. All is neutral and in balance.

You will see that this space in you does also not allow others to be having power over you. You can make your stand from that place just by being empowered and stating the factual truth.  Keep every time as a conflicting thought, or a conflict comes up that wants to take you out of that zone into polarity, neutral. Whatever disguise you are presented with that wants you to lure back into the old same old duality be aware. The snake  in the garden of Eden will not get its way. The forbidden fruit is that of duality. If you keep out of it you will see the true garden of Eden within.  Not an illusion or a new matrix.

No more polarities are needed as things unite within … that is the real unity and oneness.  It is within not  on the outside of you. The consequence of being within united and one makes you project that also on the outside. Stay open(minded) and centered. Stay out of refusing others to come and talk or be and do not  shunt or shut out. If you see these things happening, you know it is not unity or being neutral. Whatever choices you are gonna make and even if you go in between on a detour on your journey towards the inevitable transformation called ascension or whatever name you wanna give it,  know to be You and the creator being You are.  The multiverse is waiting for us to c0-create our new reality together and we will.

Love you all,


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