Fran Zepeda – Mother Mary with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene: Divine Inspiration – 16 September, 2013

divineinspiration4imagesCATVHBUCMother Mary with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene:

My dear ones, I speak today with my beloved soul family, including this channel, to spread our deep love to you from behind the veil but not really so far behind the veil in essence, as we are all communing together with you to anchor the Love and Light further upon this planet and the universe and all the multiverses.

And suffice to say that I have always been with you, imparting inspiration and insight that awakens your own. And this is the process you are moving through, awakening your own divine knowledge and insight and inspiration.

Divine Inspiration is a beautiful concept. It means breath, breath of God, of Creator, and as such it is your divine birthright and your divine essence. It is always at your disposal. It is insights and love energy with the purpose of awakening your inner resources of Knowledge and Creativity. Think of it as a bellows that with more air, in the form of Love and Light, it sparks the embers of the eternal fires into pure glowing golden light that is pervading all right now, within you and without you and around the globe and universe and multiverses.

It is a beautiful thing, this divine inspiration. It fuels your actions, it fuels your knowing, and it fuels your unique mark upon the world. Your creative inspiration is the key to transformation and the spread of your essence of love throughout all perpetuity, throughout all eternity, existing in the Now and glowing in its wholeness and fullness of life.

Your awakening, dear ones, is coming to fruition. It is marking your future in the Now. It is building your essence to wholeness, and you feel it, do you not? I love you beyond words and I impart now my Love through this channel so you feel the magnitude of it.

Imagine yourself now in a beautiful meadow with golden white light permeating your entire being. Feel it on your skin and feel it within, in every cell of your body. Step into it now so that it is the only thing you are experiencing. Imagine now it permeating your heart and feel the glow as I transmit my Love to you, as we as a group extend our Love to you. Recognize it as the potential love you can impart to yourselves. Recognize it as the love you can impart to others.

Now feel it within, as such a huge ball of light permeating you and everything around you so that you do not feel the difference or demarcation between you and outside of you. Revel and luxuriate in this Love and Golden White Light so it is the only thing that exists now in this moment. You may start to see pink and magenta or other colors and rays. Allow it to permeate. Feel the warmth. Feel the very power of it. Melt within it. Know it spreads out as far as the proverbial eye can see, the “eye” of your multidimensional selves, that is. Feel the oneness that this invokes. You are now floating within and upon this beautiful light permeating your very Being and on out to infinity.

Sit with this a while. Allow the warmth and glow to sustain you. Notice anything that may come up in emotion or insight and be with it and release gently what no longer serves you, transmuting it and allowing your Being to clear and become lighter because of it.

You are venturing now into this oblivion of Love, dear ones. It is becoming your very means and purpose of living. And for that, you can thank yourselves for allowing it.

We love you, with our pure hearts to your pure hearts. You are Creator’s magnificent creation and in that and from that you are creating what you most cherish, for you are cherished by Creator, and by us, for all that you are Now in this moment, becoming more pure and illuminated with each breath you take.

So keep breathing in the light and inspiration that is your birthright – your increased knowing of your Divine Essence and all it entails. In it and within it is all you are and all you need and all you know, and it increases as you go deeper into your glowing essence, Now in this moment.

All my love is yours, from my heart to yours, magnified by the love of my beloved Yeshua and Mary Magdalene and all the Company of Heaven.

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