Lisa Gawlas – Soul Mind, Physical Mind… The Merger…- 17 September 2013

lisagawlas2I had the strangest experience yesterday morning that woke me up.  I fell asleep on my couch.  I suddenly became tuned to a scratching noise coming from my bedroom.  I could feel myself worry that an animal got into my bedroom some how. I never opened my eyes and yet, I placed my vision where the scratching noise was coming from.  The first thing I could see was this very strange white tuft of,.. god knows what.  My mind started racing to all the animals I have ever seen and nothing I could recall had this strange white tuft on its head.

Suddenly, the scratching noise stopped and I could feel it move out of my bedroom and into my laundry room.  I could see it clear as day… what the hell is that?  It was small, like the size of a smaller dog maybe, skinny with tight curly chocolate-brown fur on its entire body except at the top of its head, it had a looser but still curly white tuft that seemed strange and out-of-place on its head.  This thing stopped just before the entrance from my laundry room to my great room where I was sleeping, or semi sleeping.  I sprung up from my sleep, opened my eyes and there was nothing there… nothing except the lingering vivid memory of its form.

The moment I opened my eyes, I instantly remembered where I had seen that strange-looking white tuft of… whatever, from.

mesa elephant2

It’s head was even shaped like that form on the left, minus the long neck.  Let me tell you, it was real, except to my physical 3D eyes.  I didn’t feel threatened by it all, except the craziness that goes thru the mind.  I couldn’t recognize it, therefore, I didn’t trust it.

I can still feel its gentle presence today, but I can only see it thru the memory of my mind.

Funny how the human mind works, even when semi-asleep.  It trusts what it knows, what it can recognize from its own realm of experience and places the element of fear around anything outside of that.  It really is the natural workings of the human mind.

I could see that critter with my spiritual mind and processed its presence with my physical mind.  No wonder why it is so important for us to allow the infusion, the solidarity of soul mind and physical mind to merge.

Now, to change the subject just a weee bit.  I choose not to put out a sharing yesterday, the morning felt so…. odd.  Something I had yet to understand was under way, beyond my strange new visitor in my doorway.

I created a diagram to show you how things look and how I experience them in our readings together.  Like usual, a very simple diagram.

Reading Platform

Those little stars represents me, or my view.  For those undergoing the cycle of completion in your world, I see you only in my back yard.  For those being infused with the new, highly potent energy of the equinox, I see you first in the front yard then the backyard becomes enhanced, more detailed about the new energy as it moves you thru your field of life (if you are allowing it to move you.)  That’s where the double circles come into play.  But the day of readings yesterday was about to stretch out the way I had understood things.

This massive cycle of completion is merging from the west field, the field of harvest (stored energy) and moving you to your deep center (again, if you are allowing the fullness of this moment.)  Once in the deep center of your life, of yourSelf, within your heart, that is when the energy of the new magnetic flow from the equinox ignites, changing the intensity of what you/we are feeling.

Holy shit batman… understatement of the year!

I have realized yesterday, there are incoming phases to this energy, to what I call the equinox energy.  First is the magnetic field of the new, pure radiant energy filtering into the biological being called YOU, changing the brainwaves, bringing up the things we need to experience more vividly.

That is when we start the incoming energy of the second phase.  I (eventually) understood this clearly by one of the precious lady’s I read for yesterday.  I had read for her last week and I already seen the incoming equinox energy changing her field of life.  Presenting to her a new doorway, a man behind that doorway…. so let me tell you, I was surprised to see her in the front yard again yesterday, differently than last week.  Differently than I had seen anyone so far.

The magnetic pole that I had come accustomed to seeing in the front yard, deep center, had something new coming in.  Deep patterns of red and blue billowing in from what would be called the south field, tunneling underground to meet with her new landscape in the back yard, but the movement was still tunneling and therefore, I could not see how she would connect to it once in her landscape.

What surprised me was the understanding of the energy in the front yard.  When something is brand new, that we never had available to us before, I see the energy as very light infused.  When the energy is something we have used or applied before, it is deeper in color vibration.  So this deep red and blue energy streaming into her equinox pole in the front yard, had to have something to do with experiences she has already had, already gone thru (in this life or another) infused with the high energy of the new.

Like my own desire to understand forgiveness, it came billowing into my reality, old infused with the new to open my heart to wholeness.  And now, from the depths of our ancient story on earth, I have a new animal totem in a form that has long since left this earth, but given new life within the new.

We, as a collective are bleeding out a lot of the old energy, the old systems that have been in play.  Stay strong.  The earth is still quaking from deep inside and we are forming the new… together.

(((((HUGZ))))) of massive expansion and incredible new, life enhancing experiences to ALL!!

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