RT – Russia Slams US Blame Game Over UN Syria Chemical Attack Report – 17 September 2013

Uploaded on 17 September 2013 by RT ( Lucas : For me any discussion by the UN about who did it should be irrelevant as it never was mandate of the UN  Team and the reporting . So the statements in the report on that  are pure speculation. The use of those fragments or statements that should not have been in the report but still got in are not used to implicate without 100% evidence again Assad. Britain, USA and France do to get their pushes by using those statements that should not be there in the first place and to get to war and get a resolution through the UN security council with the Chapter seven threat attached to it. This will make a war or attack at any convenient time with UN backing possible.  If there is a not complying to the resolution or even a fabricated or instigated false attack or non-compliance to the resolution and the Chemical Weapons Treaty they will go for it. So we see the true faces again… the warmonger of the world. Who gave them the role of policing the world…Who said to interfere and go force a war at any coast, the people said NO…..was that not enough!!!)

Russia has stressed that the UN probe concluding nerve gas was used in Syria last month, does not rule out rebel involvement in the atrocity. But the U.S, Britain and France have been quick to claim the report is enough to implicate the Assad government – READ MORE http://on.rt.com/sdkg09

The White House insists the rockets used in the attack, could only have belonged to loyalist forces. However, the UN findings state that the sarin-tipped warheads may have been improvised… and the report did not pinpoint the sites from where they were launched, at residential areas of Damascus.

Meanwhile, a prominent group of former U.S. security officials had warned the White House about intelligence reports from the war zone, indicating that radical rebel factions are in possession of chemical weapons. One of them – Pentagon veteran Michael Maloof – gave RT the details…

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