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MJNewsNetwork – Marijuana Legilization Bill Introduced In Washington DC – 18 September 2013

MJ News Network

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: A bill that would legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana for adults over 21 and set up a system of regulated marijuana commerce was introduced in the District of Columbia city council Tuesday. Filed by Councilmember David Grosso (I-At Large), the bill would give regulatory authority to the DC Alcoholic Beverages Regulation Administration.

Read the whole article at : www.mjnewsnetwork.com/ link to article


MarketWatch – Fed Keeps $85 Billion Asset-Purchase Plan In Place – 18 September 2013

Market Watch

By Jeffry Bartash

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) – The Federal Reserve on Wednesday held its asset-purchase program steady, putting off any decision for tapering until later in the year. By a 9-1 vote, the Fed plans to continue to buy $85 billion a month in Treasurys and mortgage-backed bonds. The central bank pointed to an elevated unemployment rate and said government spending cuts and rising mortgage rates are “restraining economic growth.” The Fed said it will wait for “more evidence that progress will be sustained” before it starts to cut its asset purchases. The move surprised economists, who had expected a “tiny taper” in a range of $10 billion to $20 billion. And Wall Street could be unnerved by renewed Fed concerns about the health of the U.S. economy. The Fed, in its statement, sought to reassure investors by noting gradual improvement in the economy over the past year. The bank said it still believes growth will accelerate in the near future.

Read the full story:
In surprise, Fed decides not to taper
Text of FOMC statement on Fed decision

www.marketwatch.com / link to original article

Wes Annac – The Hathors Of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes : Dissipated Veils, Finding Compassion And Understanding Your Worth – 18 September 2013

wes-annac-300x229-Channeled through Wes Annac-

What you choose to accept as reality will determine what you’re able to do and manifest, and we can feel that many of you are ready to expand your abilities but feel there still to be a veil between you and us.

We can say, with so very much happiness, joy and Love, that there are no more barriers. Continue reading

BusinessInsider – Brett LoGiurato – The White House Is Already Preparing For A Government Shutdown – 18 September 2013

businessInsiderThe White House has told federal agencies to prepare for a partial government shutdown on Oct. 1, as time continues to run out on a Congressional deal with no clear end in sight.The Office of Management and Budget sent a memo to agency heads on Tuesday urging them to be “prepared for the possibility of a lapse.”  Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Falling And Blowing Away – 18 September 2013

dropping into life and setting yourself free(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

Music to read by below:

The old world is falling away quickly now. Are you grounded securely and willing to let it fade away or are you still rooted in the old ways and questioning whether it is time to move ahead? The illusions we all lived under for so long are blowing away in the storm sweeping the planet. Few people are taking the bait any longer, they can see the deceit flashing boldly now and are pulling back and shutting down their senses to what is being broadcast outward to the world. It is an odd feeling to be a part of. In the beginning it can be fearful to let go, but once you have progressed far enough along the path it seems effortless to release the fluff and let it blow by you. Your eyes no longer focus on what is wrong in the world. While it may be sad that so many are dying we also now understand that everything is happening as it should, that everything going on is part of a larger plan, and in order to get from here to there, everything that is taking place has its purpose for the shift at hand. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Harvest Moon Gives Ways To Ripened Fruit… Namely… Banana’s!! – 18 September 2013

lisagawlas2Wow, what a flipping diverse, confusing, exciting day yesterday was in the field.  My first beautiful man opened up in the back yard, the energy thick as night, with one lone star wayyyyyy up in the sky in the deep west.  His team was clear “the Dark night of the soul” with the Light to pull you thru.  I actually heard the nursery rhyme simultaneously with seeing the star: Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight.  Later in the day, a friend on facebook posted a sharing by  Andrew Fazekas  “Low in the southwest sky, the second planet from the Sun will be the first visible—as the brightest star-like object in the entire heavens.”  That was his star, the planet of Love, Higher Love. Continue reading

Steve Lendman – Syria Gas Attack : Assad Wrongfully Blamed – 18 September 2013

StevelendmanOn Monday, UN inspectors released their eagerly awaited report. Security Council members were briefed in closed session.
On Tuesday, the report was published online. It’s titled “Report on the Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in the Ghouta Area of Damascus on 21 August 2013.”
On September 16, the UN News Centre headlined ” ‘Clear and convincing’ evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria, UN team reports.” Continue reading

EneNews – Nuclear Expert: We Believe Molten Fuel Already Melted Through floors Of Fukushima Reactor Buildings, Or Is Still In Process Of Melting Through (AUDIO) – 18 September 2013

Source: Green Power and Wellness
Host: Harvey Wasserman
Date: Aug. 12, 2013

At 4:45 in

Harvey Wasserman, host: We don’t even know where these cores are, do we? That’s a really amazing situation. Continue reading

Selacia – Full Moon Balancing Process – 18 September 2013

SelaciaThe full moon on the 19th is a perfect time to focus on balance – within yourself, within your relationships, and with your outer world. Creating more balance will serve you well, providing a stabilizing effect and helping you to connect with expanded levels of intuitively guided reason.

Without proper balance this week, you could do or say things that you will regret later. You also could miss out on opportunities coming your way from expanded energies accompanying the full moon. Continue reading

AscendingSpirals – Ryan Moore – Big Sky (The Book Of Poems) – 18 September 2013

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-RiHBMBIFS6c/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAWg/sBAdC6YLrRs/s120-c/photo.jpgI’ve written a book of poetry. It’s called “Big Sky,” and it’s 40 poems. And it’s epic.

You want it? YOU GOT IT.

Here, on this blog, is the longest of them all  – a teaser, a taste of what the book is all about. If you like this post, then email me @


and I will promptly send you a link to access the full book, with 39 other heart-opening works by yours truly. Continue reading