AscensionPioneers – The True Path Of Twin Souls – 18 September 2013

Uploaded on 17 September  2013 byASCENSIONPIONEERS

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

This video is a continuation of my video about the Soul energy transfer and the Magic of the Beloved Twin Souls. In it, I share about the true purpose of the Beloveds and the role that they play in the Divine Plan of Perfection. Their purpose is always on loving and selfless service to All That Is. This subject is still very delicate and not everyone is ready to hear the Absolute Truth about the true Beloveds. Until then, everyone has to naturally explore their own realities and variations of different experiences. But still, the Absolute will always be what it is, no matter what the personal is or feels like. The Truth within One is what it is, and the free will or perception of the lower cannot change it. Only the real Beloveds will understand what this means, because they have their own reference to it, and those who do not, can simply not understand it. And to have a reference point is always directly linked with raising our awareness.

Within Divine Love, Polona

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