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This is what I imagine our glorious light to look like as it floats about the planet lifting weary souls and awakening hearts. Like fireflies flitting about with flickering lanterns set upon their backs. We think the world is beautiful now, I can’t imagine what is coming next! If it looks at all like this I will be in awe and bliss. It is the magic that sparks our souls and encourages us to take flight into the unknown, trusting that where we are going is not only the right direction, but is far more beautiful than where we have been. I am beginning to wonder if people who paint such beautiful pictures as this one are not painting what they remember rather than what they imagine. Who knows what the world truly looks like when everyone is light and peace rules the land. I think that is part of what captured people about the movie Avatar. It was beautiful and magical to look at compared to what the world looks like today with its forests stripped bare, concrete snaking across every square inch of land, factories belching smoke, dirty and noisy cities, mass housing complexes. It certainly doesn’t look magical and ancient like Avatar. Yes it can be when one can get out into the country and find simple beauty, but as a whole we are not Avatar. I think a great many of us wish we were pure and primordial still, but we are not and there is no turning back.

I suppose towns and cities all over could reclaim spaces that sit unused and plant them back to wildness, but only in patches here and there, the overall primordial look is gone. I think this is what depressed so many movie goers when they walked out at the end of the film. They knew they could never get back to where they wanted to be. As I so often say in my writings, it is up to each of us to help bring notice to wasted spaces and work with others to bring them back to usefulness.  There is little left that is magical all around us visually, therefore we must create the magic within and make our own worlds the way we want them to be. Fight back to claim what is yours! This insanity about how our front lawns must look needs to come to and end. You want a garden, plant it!

I live pretty far out in the country and I couldn’t be any happier. I can’t imagine having to live in a city or in track housing laid out by the hundreds. I need silence and I need privacy. Both are important to me. So what if others need that but can’t live in the country? I guess you need to plant around your space to create privacy and if you are not allowed work with your neighbors to bring that law down. If you can’t do that then move to where you can. I don’t understand how we got to where we allowed such control over how we live to get established in the first place. Why were we not rising up and saying NO? We really did check out of life for a good long while and when we were gone a lot happened and it wasn’t always good. Let this be an example of why we need to remain present in our lives always!

Magic is what we are sorely missing in today’s world, so we need to create it for ourselves and bring it back. People need to visually see what they are missing otherwise it tends to get lost in the minutia of distractions. We need not get melancholy about it, but rather just take note of what we are missing and set about to create it. It is time to make all lawn mowers silent so we don’t have to listen to ten neighbors mowing their lawns stealing away our peace and quiet. A simple thing called respecting our fellow-man. There are lots of little things we can put at the top of our to do lists and get others involved in getting things changed. It just takes making the effort to find like minded people around you and voicing your desires together. We are finally learning there is definitely power in numbers.

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