Carl Boudreau – Sun Sign Astrology Forecast For October 2013 – 21 September 2013

Loyal readers,I regret to announce that I will no longer publish individual Sun Sign forecasts after December 2013. December’s will be my final Sun Sign Forecast.

I have considered this move carefully and my decision is final.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to provide this service, but it is time to move on. I will continue to post my monthly YouTube video and publish my monthly “big picture” forecasts.


Astrology Forecast for October 2013

For All Sun Signs ~ October brings a different and more serious kind of turning point than the turning points we have become used to, difficult as they might have seemed. We’ve come through a time when ethics and morality took a back seat. Moral and ethical affronts were the problem of those affronted. As for etiquette, forget about it. All of that is changing, with a vengeance.  Prepare yourself to be challenged and to challenge others on all these fronts, especially in your closest and most important relationships.


LIBRA ~ Librans are making progress in their worldly endeavors, but in relationships, not so much. A new set of expectations is growing, especially in financial relationships. People are feeling uncomfortable with the present arrangement and want to renegotiate. Similar kinds of things are going on in everybody’s life. Relationships are Libra’s thing, though, and these pervasive cross-currents will drive them a little nuts. This issue isn’t going away and can’t be finessed with a little drama. So you need to begin renegotiating, substantively, and advise others to do the same.

SCORPIO ~ Lots of things are going very well. However, little ‘imbalances’ in relationships and transactions, things you used to ignore or tolerate, are becoming genuinely problematic. Things like fairness and honesty were always issues but now they are turning into stumbling blocks. They are preventing further progress and unless they are solved, progress to date will be lost. Begin with a quiet heart-to-heart talk. You’ll be surprised where it might lead. Many others are feeling the same way and a carefully chosen word could open the floodgates.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Financial and professional plans were proceeding well, but dissatisfaction is spreading rapidly among family, friends and coworkers.Friends and family need more time and attention; co-workers are unhappy with working conditions. Things that were once accepted parts of life are now points of contention. It’s causing hesitation and delay. Concern for family and friends and concern for fair play on the job aside, you have to get past this for practical reasons. New plans are needed and they must take these concerns into account.

CAPRICORN ~ Everything was moving ahead nicely. However, people you need, whose feelings and opinions matter a great deal, are starting to offer resistance. These people are the glue that holds your personal and professional life together. Trouble with them will ruin everything. If you ignore those signals, then, serious trouble is inevitable. You need to begin negotiating sincerely to address lingering grievances. Invest generously in resolving outstanding issues. Your inner and outer life will improve in ways you never realized they needed improving.

AQUARIUS ~ Progress in often strenuous efforts to fashion a more agreeable lifestyle is continuing. There has always been tension over some issues, but no one seemed interested in discussing it except you;  forget actually trying to resolve it. You are no longer the only one itching for a chance to get these things into the open. That’s over. Other people are drawing lines in the sand. Resolving these issues will mean more work for you, initially. Think of it as a needed investment in your future.

PISCES ~ The summer has brought successes in your efforts to weld the disparate pieces of your life – some of them far flung – into a single livable whole. The problem is that in all that maneuvering you might have lost that loving feeling . . . or maybe emotional expectations are just greater than they were, not least your own emotional expectations. Everyone needs this to be more than a convenient economic arrangement. To bring back the warmth, you’ll need to expand efforts beyond your closest partners.

ARIES ~ Relationships in your life that must work well are demanding your immediate attention: home and family, close friendships and key professional relationships. These aren’t issues you can fudge or put off.  Friction here will drain energy from important projects and resulting distractions will leave you vulnerable to error. There are important principles involved; lines have been crossed; vital resources have been expended; feelings have been aroused. Stop and mend fences before it’s too late. Problems will yield to serious discussion – and substantive changes in behavior.

TAURUS ~ The present cycle is already socially isolating for Taureans and they’re about to learn more about the costs of the relationships that remain. New relationships could also get complicated, and costly, if you choose to pursue them. In any event, you probably can’t avoid getting somewhat more involved. That will enrich and expand your activities in the community and further afield. Just be clear at the outset how much you want to take on. Right now, less is more where relationships are concerned.

GEMINI ~ Gemini was due for a big financial and professional boost when negotiations bogged down over strong feelings of moral and ethical responsibility. It’s more about a newfound determination to go by the book than your qualifications. You might need to remind people, diplomatically, of your suitability and do what you can behind the scenes to make sure all t’s are crossed and all the i’s dotted. Attitudes have changed. This is probably the way things will have to be done from now on.

CANCER ~ Sentiment has shifted strongly; no one can override or roll back this change in attitudes and Cancerians probably wouldn’t want to. For years, it’s been a question of might makes right, with Cancerians on the losing end of the equation. A new concern among people for moral and ethical subtleties will provide much needed leverage. People who are used to bullying and blustering their way through your life will suddenly find themselves constrained by this newfound concern for the moral and ethical niceties.

LEO ~ Leo has been undergoing strenuous psychological and spiritual transformations. Until now, the turmoil has stayed within. In October, you’ll need to make appropriate changes in your outer life, too, or risk complicating personal and professional relationships. Greater honesty will be needed to keep boundaries clear and comfortable. However, Leos will find the adjustments easier than others are finding similar adjustments. You’ll also have convenient leverage over difficult situations. Things will go even easier if you don’t overreact to the new, overly idealistic expectations of friends and partners.

VIRGO ~ Virgos have little direct leverage over the extraordinarily complex events unfolding around them. However, things are slowly but surely evolving in accordance with their wishes. You also have unusually deep insight into the issues. You should think of yourself as a facilitator. Friction is very possible in financial and professional areas. Changes of attitude suddenly call for greater honesty in all interactions and many are having problems with that. You will need to help resolve troublesome issues created by the faulty reasoning of others. / link to original article


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