The Pleiadians – It Was Always You – 21 September 2013


You want to believe that we know more, that we have something to share that will finally reveal it to you, but indeed we only express what you already know in a way that clarifies it, and you could say even reminds you. For some reason when the messenger is more human, so many want to believe that they do not have something special to share, because they are like you.  Therefore, they know no more than you and so you do not listen. Yet, they know the same as you, just as we do.    But we would like to say that this comes from the shame on your planet of your human nature.  You have decided we are better, more evolved, as you watch so many in your world go towards war and manipulation.  So when a human messenger comes, you have a hard time trusting.

We understand.  We say to now release the shame of being a human and the level of distrust that has built up in your soul imprinting and cellular structure for so long.  Many we do healings with have it deeply embedded in their cells that they are flawed, despite their mental knowingness that this is not true.

This deep shame is limiting you from hearing the truth that you feel you can only receive by connecting with us.  But because you live in planet Earth, it leaves you feeling alienated (no pun intended) and isolated when you only feel we are whom to trust.  This is not the answer. We have served you a long time to help, not to be depended on.  We merely want you to see that this light and this knowledge, and this evolution; it was in you all along.  If you do not see it as your outside reality, continue to clear the shame of self and the shame about who you are that may sometimes cause you to get angry at human messengers and avatars.  You long to be the messenger and the avatar, but you do not believe it to be so. We say believe.  Believe NOW. Own it. Feel it.

We call in now for you a Shame Release Chamber of Light for all who will ever read this.  You are releasing the deep core shame about the issues you have, the pain, the anger.  All is a part of the natural process to feeling your true divine nature.  There was never any good nor bad.  Release now as we send pure light into the areas that are full of shame, that make you feel less than what you are. You are so grand and bright, sometimes it is blinding to us as we look at you. This week, in your timeline, try looking at everyone as the brightest light ever, no matter what they do or say.  There essential nature is still there.  Really squint to see it. Really let it pierce into your third eye. See the truth.  Yes dear ones, it was ALWAYS you.  We love you. So La Re En Lo.

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

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