Lisa Gawlas – The Harvest Moon, The Equinox And Holy Cow Energy – 22 September 2013

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Phew baby!  From start to finish, every single connection was a super intensity of incoming Light energy in the front yard.  That’s huge really, it says, no matter where you are in your process, things are intensifying within you as this moment transitions fully from old to new… and the winds are blowing, hard!

My first connection of the day yesterday took me by such surprise.  The moment I connected to him there was this ginormous moon hanging out in my front yard.  I could see every crater and shadow on it as it hung fully in my front yard three feet above the ground.  I could also see the light reflecting off of it, I am just grateful spirit toned it down or I would have been blinded by the full moon light!!  Beyond having a low hanging moon at my door, it was pressing on something I have not seen in a long while, an amber glowing film or bubble around his entire field.  The moon pressing this amber film to the ground, energy bouncing up off the back from the pressure and all I could feel was the lunar energies pressing on his emotional field, deep within his whole world.

His biology had already made the transition out of the mirror image of the front yard, but as I turned around to look at the back yard, he was not there yet.  It was still a “black out” to my eyes.  So i felt around and suddenly I got a blast of energy coming from beneath my floor that moved up thru me from the soles of my feet.  Holy cow!!  There he was.  How strange and how powerful and suddenly, I became so glad I had washed my floors the day before!  No dirt to dull that energy at all! (smile)

This morning, I also realized there was another important reason for seeing his amber film, in every phase of his life, he is truly in transition.  Before what his “real job” starts in earnest on the new earth (this is also my architect) he was given a between job (literally) to hold him over until the dust of the new earth really settles and more people arrive on this precious plane of Life.

I also became very aware that many people making their way onto the new earth have a larger role to play in its building.  The majority of folks I have been reading for this last week, I have felt make the transition thru some sort of pipeline or something under ground.  It wasn’t until yesterday did I realize, there is also another way of moving into this new earth.  Topside.

One of the lady’s I connected to yesterday, man her energy literally went right thru me.  It was billowing in from the east of the front yard, narrowing as it crossed over her entire field, coupled where I sit (literally) with the energy of the back yard and stretched all the way to the west of the backyard, expanding as it reached the west field.  It kind of reminded me of a bow tie and I was the sitting directly within the knot in the middle!  Phew!

But if yesterdays plow thru the field of energy wasn’t intense feeling wise, my last two understandings of the day were going to be the straw that broke the camels back (well, nothing broke really, but ya know what I mean, I hope.  lol)

My fourth lady of the day, geez Louise, her winds were going to test my muscle structure for the remainder of the day.  I super large wind was blowing in from her mirrored east field thru her entire back.  I realized that in the front yard, in the mirror image of Light coming in, there is nothing outside of the inner field of each persons life.  So i had to wonder where this intense wind is coming in from… pure soul energy.  On top of that intense wind, from her future were these softball sized energy orbs coming in, creating various sine waves that moved into the entire side of her body (she was standing facing me.)  I realized that each ball was some aspect of her future self coming and merging into her present biology.  Makes me now wonder, all those orbs we capture in our pictures, how many are parts of us merging in our present moments?

(Can I just say, for the rest of the day yesterday, my back and side hurt like hell, like I did full on aerobics and my muscles were just pissed.)

The back yard has been pretty much in a black out mode.  Meaning, we can see what is coming in, the effect and purpose of it, but not what it is producing in the literal creation of your life.  Except this wind-soul blown lady, thru the dark of night I got a close up glimpse of what is forming for her, thru her.

An energy funnel that is NOT an energy funnel was emerging thru what I call the deep heart center of her life (of her period.)  It was a strange-looking thing, collapsible and expandable at will.  This point was so important her team held a vision right directly in front of my forehead so I could see and understand what this meant.  However, I was thinking way to hard to even recognize what they were showing me.  It was so familiar looking and I was running to catch up with understanding (and panting on the inside.)

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Our heart center IS our creator magnetic field of, well, everything.  It is now purposely collapsible and expandable by Will.  Altho the picture I used to show what I was seeing yesterday is blue, there was no color to it, yet.  I was seeing it thru the darkness (black out) but even as I type that, I hear/understand that the colors will change according to our energy enhancement.  Very much like taking the color spectrum of the “aura” that changes with emotions, and harnessing it into creation.

I say again, this is going to be a very interesting last quarter of 2013!  I am super curious how we use it… I suppose, as usual, we will see as we move along here.

Last, but so very far from least, the grand finale of the day.  A virgin in my field from the land we call Scotland, deeper into her day, the movement of energy, than we are here in the USA.  I was so surprised to see two cement rollers, rolling in from the past and future directions of her mirrored image, both moving towards her deep center.  Both rollers, as they moved across her landscape had this white substance that kind reminded me of whipped cream, what spirit called the excess, building up as they moved toward center.  Spirit also said they were there to “smooth out the energy.”  Huh?  Why would incoming energy need to be smoothed out.  The only feeling I could get that had the vibration of truth with it was because of where she was in her day… towards the very end (it was after 8pm in her world) and what was happening was the infusion and direction of deep center getting everything fully ready for the lightning strike that is today, the equinox.

That’s my story and I am sticking with it!! (smile)

And then I turned to the back yard… Holy puzzlement batman.  There was a single banana peel laying just above the ground (by inches) that I knew came out of her deep heart center.  What really surprised me was the color and texture of this single peel… it was brown and yellow.  Very much like this picture (only a single peel):

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Her browned edged banana peel was at least laid out from center to future, that hadda be good.  Going back to my naked banana lady the other day, peels all laid out in the four directions, accumulating the energy thru the fruit of her heart, this is what happens in the transition.  Heat accelerates the ripening process of banana’s, but it is also a huge presence in the accelerated human too.

The only thing I can understand today, is her path forward has been accelerated as the rest of her comes thru onto the new, viable, fully ready new earth.

This is going to be an interesting day.  I am going to close on that note and strap myself in!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))) of Equinox wonder to ALL!!

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