Lucas – When The Burning Is Over New Grass Grows – 22 September 2013

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Picture by Peter Facey – Young grass shoots after controlled burning, New Forest. This photo shows the effect of recent controlled burning on the edge of Foulford Bottom. The heather has been temporaily burnt away, and fresh young grass shoots are emerging. The white stuff is burnt moss (I think).

After a small fire consumes the whole area and burns all to its core, being vibrational frequency energy, the realization of what IS comes.  The smoke is coloring the air and the smell of burning is still not yet gone, but still the new leaves that cautiously stick up their little heads above the soil are making the dark shine with little green speckles. The energy that is cleaned and renewed finds its way to create again but even more beautiful than before. The new colors the vast plains in luscious greens. This is what is happening now upon this earth and beyond.

The hierarchy and control factions losing more and more of their last thought grips over us. Their last energy is even not enough to recharge a battery.  The new ways of doing things, the new ways of seeing and feeling things are popping up like speckles that show already the new energy of the  heart-source centered people and awakened ones to be free and creator beings without boundaries. The cleansed from its parasites earth and humanity is doing its  first steps upon the new soil.

You will see it and feel it. Change has not only visibly arrived, it was there always but hidden and now becomes openly seen.  It is you all, one by one, that make the difference from within. The more you become that energy of one and unity within, the more you will see it happening on the outside also. There are no excuses anymore to say I do not know or can not see as everything you need to know is already inside of you. You need not search or go anywhere else.

The ones chosing still to fight or want to  keep things in check or sell their story to be the only right one by manipulating others in believing it will get a choice to go back to source and be resolved as an energy in the end if they prevail. They can come to reason and join in on the table of One for all in total equality, harmony, peace and without conflict in any form. It is not upon us to save anybody if their choice is to go against the inevitable change of all humanity. Creator beings of the 5th kind and higher we will be (if we still speak of dimensions).

We are the special ones that  will show the way to the multiverse into a new paradigm. That is humanities role as you all were the seeds that have come here to be sprouting after the burning  and all was over.  You have been preparing a long time. Now sprout and grow into whatever you can and want to be. Let all be grown from that heart-centered oneness and unconditional love.  The new is now and it is here for you to see , feel, hear and experience in all sorts of ways.

Love you all.


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