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I don’t know about anybody else, but the energies sure have been powerful lately. It feels like riding a roller coaster ride all over the planet and then into space and back. I hope most everyone has learned the art of going with the flow for to do otherwise would make for a very challenging journey. It is that old letting go of having to have life be a certain way to attain our balance. It is time to learn how to balance ourselves under any situation! It all generates in our minds anyway and our minds can go anywhere with us, everything in the new world is portable versus bolted down tight in the old world. Somewhere in time we became frozen in the illusion we had to keep doing things a certain way in order to maintain balance. Nope! We can learn to balance ourselves even when the world is blowing up around us or falling away beneath us. That balance is created in our minds by how we look at life and what we believe in.

The easiest way to maintain balance is to live a life centered on the path of light. To live from our hearts, to have love and compassion for all beings, to have deep integrity, to be openly honest, to remain aware at all times, to allow whatever will be to just be, to be open to change at any given moment and keep the ability to go with the flow, to release your ego and allow all others to live their lives as they choose to live them and to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and to take risks. Living by these guidelines is not difficult if you choose with your heart to live this way, then it comes naturally. This is how the whole world will be one day when we finally shift humanity onto the same path towards the new world. The quickest way to achieve this is by individuals adapting to this way of being first and then sharing it with others and it will eventually ripple out to the world at large.

We are challenged constantly by what is going on in the world, the dark ones domineering acts, the astrological planetary alignments, the incoming solar flares, the energies in general. Any or all of them could easily throw us off our path and so we must pay attention and keep our thoughts directed towards our path and be sure of who we are and why we are here. There is great strength in knowing and so know we must! Many times when these solar flares hit earth there is upheaval and raw emotions erupting forth and we must learn to bathe ourselves in these energies and not fight them and maintain our balance at all costs. Dismiss the fear and negativity and embrace the love that is available to us all at all times. Breathe deep and smile big!

Someone once talked to me about how they knew their lives were changing by how they reacted to life’s circumstances. They said they knew they had changed when something that normally would have upset them just brushed by them, nudged them gently, and then faded away. I like that analogy. Essentially what they were saying is that they no longer were sucked in by the drama and it seemed to pass over them gently rather than jolting them off balance. This is what we are striving for I believe, to be able to be in life and of life but not wrenched by it into becoming someone who we are not. Breathe deeply and let the worlds problems nudge you but don’t let them bring you to your knees. Do what you can to make things better then let it go. Worry will do nothing to better your life. Stay strong.

Blessings to us all,

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