Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 358 – 25 September 2013

AishaNorthAs the waves subside somewhat it is time to take stock of the situation around you, and indeed within. For now, much has been shifted about, and it can be hard to discern where you are at the moment. So take it slow, and pick your way carefully forward, as you are bound to find things in the most unexpected of places. For now, nothing will seem the same ever again, as you have all been through a veritable maelstrom of energetic upheavals. And just like a boat being tossed about on open sea, nothing that is not securely fastened will be found in the same position as before you entered these high seas.

For now, you have been through a thorough cycle of cleansing and removing in so many ways, and as we told you earlier, it is time to stake stock of what you have got, and what you have not. What has been shifted, what has been turned upside down or inside out, and what has been remaining steadfast all through this storm? So sit back and do a careful inventory, lest you should miss out on any important details, not just in your own sphere, but also further afield as we have mentioned earlier. For amongst all of the flotsam and jetsam littering the surface, there will once again be some hidden gems, treasures that are of immeasurable importance to you all, but may go unnoticed amongst all of this debris.

You may find some surprises as well, as there might be parts of you still clinging tenaciously on that you would have thought would be a thing of the past by now. And why is that, you might ask. Well, perhaps that part of you has some inner meaning that you have not discovered yet? So again we say breathe, and sit back and take it all into account. It is so important that you all manage to get your breath back after all of this tumoil, and we want to make sure that you feel more on solid ground before we take you to that next step. And before you start to groan in exasperation or perhaps even exhaustion, remember that the next step may be of a very, very different kind than this intense cleansing that you have just been through. For now, the time to rebuild has come, and with it, some new challenges, but also a whole lot of rewards. / link to original article


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