Lucas – The Hierarchy Is Down – Unexpected Joint Efforts Coming – 25 September 2013 illusion for those upholding the illusion for us came down hard when they understood there was no hierarchy anymore.  This fact got a big stir in our multiverse. Still some are having troubles to get acquainted to that fact. Also some behind the scenes got to know that more was available to them when their own veils of the still perceived control over all fell off .

We have to understand that a big shift also happened for those in control and not only us humans that came here to ascend and be the wayshowers for the new paradigm. The new integration of the truth of Oneness and the way out of the slavery systems upon and beyond this world is needed . This  insight is now recognized and remembered. 

We all have played our roles that had a purpose to understand, grow and learn the duality concept and master it.  It can only be mastered where all that is polarized is become, neutral, zero, zilch… nada…  We need to reach out for all that want to make it into the middle and want to help bring about the Oneness and peace and be c0-creating the new paradigm in equality.

The spitting images, the caricatures, the hate and vile texts and posters can be taken off to get back to a real talk together about what was and has been. Than we can let that part behind us to unite again as brothers and sisters from the same source. It is all coming nicely together. Confusing about what is and shall be, is still accompanied by little signs and messages that show things are moving forward.

The ending of all and the start of the real new… not that what was anticipated to be the old new is  going to be soon.  Timeless efforts of keeping in the middle,  unconditional  love , integration of the opposites and lots of compassion and understanding, help and care have done a lot. You all contributed in moving things forward for yourselves as well as the multiverse  even when you think not to have done anything.

We will see joint efforts that were at first perceived of  as not thinkable in the now, but that is how fast changes can take place on multidimensional levels. Do not be surprised and also not expect, but just wait and see.  It is all becoming clear.  If  all in the multiverse joint together to blast the last obstacles out-of-the-way it would be over and done.

Just know sometimes things disappear for a reason as vibrational energy patterns not match the new.  The perceived actions in your world do not anymore reflect what is already changed on the inside. See it as the boogeyman perceived in the fog to be scary, but when that fog clears away you see your perception was wrong and it was just a little  rabbit that also was just scared.

Let us focus on all those  that  want to unite as One and we will make it so.  Remember there is always a chair at the table for all.

Love and Light,


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