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Way back in time when we were young and life was carefree, we were sensitive beings. We were innocent and caring and loving and trusting. Then sadly life happened and we spent our time watching the almighty black box and believing everything it regurgitated out to us and we saw murder and mayhem play across the TV screen 24/7 and everything changed and with little notice. As with everything being done today, it was gradual, slow, disguised and constantly altering us to become desensitized. We were being raped and didn’t even know it. Well now we know it so get a grip and don’t lose sight of it again. It is time to return to our youthful mindset when life mattered, when we cared about others, when hurting others didn’t even enter our imaginations. We told the truth(hopefully) because that was what was right to do,we had integrity, we believed in life, we doubted no one, we went out of our way to help others. We were bundles of pure, raw energy, flashing little light explosions of glittering innocence.

We truly must resurrect these beliefs and even more protect our little ones from being ravaged as well. This is just yet one more reason to turn off the boob tube. We have been so stripped of our emotions we no longer look away at the sight of murder but rather lean into it and absorb its negative energy! We become it after a while and once we become it we require it like an addiction. No more! Imagine if the world stopped its addiction to murder and reality TV and became addicted to being love and compassion and caring about one another! What an incredible rush life would be 24/7. It can be this way if we disengage from media lies and re-engage ourselves into caring again about life.

Open up your hearts again and be willing to risk giving it away to those in need of your love. Begin to care about the world around you again, how people are feeling, what they need, how you can be of help. All of these emotions and actions are born out of sensitivity to life. It is an energy that vibrates brightly through love. How can we be in life, of life, for life, if we do not feel love and caring for all? It is not natural to watch others suffer, to watch murder unfold and turn a blind eye to it. Our sensitivity sensors have been switched off and it’s time to switch them back on again. The world has been saturated with so much violence and grief we have turned ourselves off  just to survive, but turning ourselves off only leads to more violence and grief.

As a child we saw life as magical and amazing and wonderful, from bugs to flowers to our imaginary friends. It was all special just and it had no questioning or doubts. What was, was. The best way to get back there is to stop ingesting the mind control that is taking us hostage and destroying our souls. If we don’t ingest the propaganda on a daily basis we begin to free our minds and begin to think for ourselves again. We begin to see the world is not really the hell hole we have been taught to believe it is. It is not filled only with people out to kill us, who hate us.

The world is filled with loving wonderful beings if they are given half a chance to be who they really are. TV has stripped away our morals as well and now it seems anything goes in this world regardless of what it may do to others. We think so little of ourselves and of others why should we care? We must care if we wish to save our world. It is time to pick up the extension cords, unplug the TV’s and plug ourselves back into life and begin to feel and care about life again. It is time to be reborn and shine!

Blessings to us all,

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