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Berlusconi Lawmakers To Quit If Ex-Premier Ousted – 26 September 2013


Associated Press

ROME (AP) – Italy’s Senate president says nearly all the senators of Silvio Berlusconi’s party have vowed to resign if the former premier is ousted from Parliament for his tax fraud conviction.

If carried out, the resignations would spark a crisis in Premier Enrico Letta’s fragile, 5-month-old left-right hybrid government.

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Laura Bruno – Your Voice Matters – 26 September 2013

laura-of-the-rocksI see no positive purpose in signing “White House” petitions, but I want to take a moment here to say that Congressional petitions, phone calls and letters do sometimes work. Case in point: after overwhelming public outcry, the Senate has rejected continuation of the Monsanto Protection Act! The House of “Representatives” is another story, but this now marks two victories in a not very long span of time. No Congress approval for war on Syria (yet), and now no free pass for biotech companies to continue planting GMO crops after a court has found them harmful. Continue reading

BusinessInsider – Michael Kelly – Syria Peace Talks Are Doomed For The Foreseeable Future – 26 September 2013

businessInsiderThis week President Barack Obama told the UN General Assembly that military action cannot end the Syrian war and advocated the need for a political settlement.

But a deal needs two sides.

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Wes Annac – Embrace Your Power To Create Change – 26 September 2013

wes-annac-300x229As we expose and uproot the forces of tyranny from their self-made thrones, so is it crucial that we help inform the collective about the existence of the spiritual realms and our very real ability to Create widespread change in the interests of every person.

It’s important for the ever-awakening public to understand that our reality is nothing like we’ve been led to believe, and it’s been said that learning about the cabal’s actions will help initiate that understanding for everybody. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The New, The Wild, The Energy! Phew! – 26 September 2013

lisagawlas2Holy Moly man!!  (Yes, new times NEED new exclamation phrases!! smile.)  I must have put myself into a night school session at the last-minute (I must also procrastinate while I am out-of-body too!) to study up on the brand new language of Light that was going to be presented all damm day yesterday.  I woke up exhausted even tho I actually slept all night long.  I was so flipping tired I wasn’t 100% sure if I was going to be able to see at all, but I also came to find, there was a miraculous, energetic wind that came thru with each connection that was kinda like taking a hit of speed that wore off as soon as the connection ended.  I was so grateful for that!  But the imagery coming thru every reading, so brand new, even the light energy coming thru, that triggers the “feeling” of understanding, was way over my head new.  I must have been busy flirting in night school instead of paying attention to the language of light teacher!  Dammit! Continue reading

‘We Chose Democracy & Human Rights Over Banks’ – Iceland President To RT – 26 September 2013

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Tom Lescher – Astrology Forecast For The Week Of 25th Sept. – 26 September 2013

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Bill Ballard – Answering Questions About Twin Flame Relationships – 26 September 2013

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I-UV- Stunning South Carolina Ruling Supports Foreclosed Homeowners – 26 September 2013

i-uv-logoSouth Carolina Court Upholds Ruling That Foreclosure Law of U.S. Supreme Court Trumps Everything: Foreclosing Party Must Own Both The Note and The Mortgage to Foreclose.

Published by Jeff Barnes, Esq., September 20, 2013

“The Court determined that “Plaintiff failed to show that it owned the Mortgage at the time the Complaint was filed”, and also noted that the Mortgage shows MERS to be the mortgagee but that “MERS is never mentioned in the Note.” Continue reading

Status Of The Resistance Movement: Growing, Deepening, Succeeding – 26 September 2013


So much has been accomplished by Occupy and other social justice movements in the past two years that it is incredible that the corporate media and their pundits cannot see the reality of what is happening around them; perhaps they don’t want to or don’t want to admit it. Despite the lack of corporate media coverage, the movement is deepening, building democratic institutions, stopping some of the worst policies pushed by the corporate duopoly and building a broad-based diverse movement whose greatest days are ahead of it.

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