Laura Bruno – Your Voice Matters – 26 September 2013

laura-of-the-rocksI see no positive purpose in signing “White House” petitions, but I want to take a moment here to say that Congressional petitions, phone calls and letters do sometimes work. Case in point: after overwhelming public outcry, the Senate has rejected continuation of the Monsanto Protection Act! The House of “Representatives” is another story, but this now marks two victories in a not very long span of time. No Congress approval for war on Syria (yet), and now no free pass for biotech companies to continue planting GMO crops after a court has found them harmful.

How did this happen? IMHO, it happened through the relentless hounding of Congress to represent the people they claim to represent. Ya snooze, ya lose, so we need to keep on top of these folks. Whether you’re chanting for peace, planting for peace, spell weaving for peace and natural foods, or sending multiple petitions and phone calls per week, it is possible to make your voice heard. We vote in many ways besides the ballot box (or Diebold machine).

The cynicism of our times says no votes matter. At the presidential level, I agree. Presidents are selected way ahead of time, with support of corrupt vote counting machines and centers, media filtering and Citizens United contributions. At this point, selected presidents are so groomed and brainwashed to push a common agenda that it matters not which party they “represent.” To some extent, we find the same entrenched corruption and arrogance in Congress. A key difference, though? These people do need to spend some time in their own state.

At a recent Town Hall meeting, a citizen publicly and repeatedly accused Senator John McCain of treason. This citizen included many supportive and publicly verifiable facts in his accusation. Although McCain tried to laugh it off, applause showed that some listeners publicly agreed with this citizens’ assessment. Another woman — a former McCain supporter and native of Syria — publicly took McCain to task for his war mongering and lies. Her personal story touched the hearts of listeners, and she did not back down. McCain looked like a speechless turtle who couldn’t find his shell. No offense to turtles intended.

These cushy jobs with their free hair care, copious bribes, extravagant pensions and free Cadillac health insurance ultimately do derive from “We The People.” Increasingly, “We The People” have begun to remind Members of Congress of their rather precarious position. Treason holds a very harsh, humiliating and corporal public punishment in this country. At the very least, “We The People” have reminded some Members that they don’t get a permanent free pass to abuse us. Reelections may very well mean “Buh-bye, parasite,” even if no one decides to pursue formal charges of treason.

So keep it up! Whatever your method or mode of action, when you combine powerful intentions, Imagination and Creativity with tangible actions in “real time,” then you will see manifestations. We live in a participatory Universe. When you learn to vote with your intention and your actions … when you learn to make your voice heard in whatever pure and passionate expression that entails, you continue to amplify the creation process. “In the beginning was the Word …” . Voice that preferred world into being!

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