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Bill Ballard – Answering Questions About Twin Flame Relationships – 26 September 2013

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I-UV- Stunning South Carolina Ruling Supports Foreclosed Homeowners – 26 September 2013

i-uv-logoSouth Carolina Court Upholds Ruling That Foreclosure Law of U.S. Supreme Court Trumps Everything: Foreclosing Party Must Own Both The Note and The Mortgage to Foreclose.

Published by Jeff Barnes, Esq., September 20, 2013

“The Court determined that “Plaintiff failed to show that it owned the Mortgage at the time the Complaint was filed”, and also noted that the Mortgage shows MERS to be the mortgagee but that “MERS is never mentioned in the Note.” Continue reading

Status Of The Resistance Movement: Growing, Deepening, Succeeding – 26 September 2013


So much has been accomplished by Occupy and other social justice movements in the past two years that it is incredible that the corporate media and their pundits cannot see the reality of what is happening around them; perhaps they don’t want to or don’t want to admit it. Despite the lack of corporate media coverage, the movement is deepening, building democratic institutions, stopping some of the worst policies pushed by the corporate duopoly and building a broad-based diverse movement whose greatest days are ahead of it.

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Angel Lucci – Announcing The Launch Of I-OPEEN: International One People Eternal Essence Network, Open Source, On-Line Banking System – 26 September 2013

intro-iopeen(Lucas : I recommend the reading of the whole article at Angel’s website link at the bottom)

After considerable research, investigation, testing, and evaluation, we feel that CYCLOS is the Alternative Currency System that will meet our needs for the Open-Source Online Banking Software for I-OPEEN, International One People Eternal Essence Network.  The first online banking system that allows you to deposit your value.

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Peter, Lucas And Colin – Double Dutch Radio Show – Reminder Show Tomorrow 27th- Listen! – 26 September 2013



Friday the 27th is our new radio show episode, make a note and listen in! Call in with your questions!

Show starts 27  September at NewYork -EDT at 6.00 am – in mainland Europe, CEST 12.00 pm NOON – and  20.00 pm Canberra Australia EST time.

Call in to speak with the host (646) 595-2459

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Visionkeeper – Listen – 26 September 2013

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Yes, we all need to be owls. For so long we have lived in a world where everyone had to be heard, everyone had to be right, everyone knew best and sadly everyone never listened. We did a lot of talking but our ears did little listening. This is a skill we need to sharpen and bring to the light. How can we know others, how can we understand situations, how can we know the truth, if we do not listen and learn? We are learning how to open our hearts and let the love flow in, let us not forget to open our ears and pay close attention to life as it flows by us. We seem so busy, always going somewhere, always doing something, we think we don’t have the time to stop and listen closely. This is a huge mistake. To not listen wisely to others is saying we have nothing further to learn, but we do! Hopefully we never stop learning while we are here living out this lifetime on earth. To learn is to grow and to grow is to raise our consciousness. To remain static is to admit we have not raised our consciousness enough to even know we need to learn more. Continue reading

Jamye Price -Weekly Lightblast – Knowing – 26 September 2013

JamyePrice2012closeupKnowing is a depth of trust in the Self, a trust in Love, and a trust in Life that defies fear.  To Know, is to follow the path of the heart.  Following your heart often means going against the norm.  It sometimes means not listening to the internal chatter in your own mind.  It means dismissing doubt and allowing logic to disperse into a less-dense/fixed form so that you are able to shift your truth into a new, expanded form.  Many times Knowing does not have the experience of no doubt, it is the experience of rising beyond doubt.  It is a broader perspective of Knowing that All is Well, no matter what decision is made.  The mere act of making a decision begins to solidify life into a path of experience.  There is no wrong path of experience for a Divine Being such as you, there is merely experience.  It all leads to Life and Life leads to expansion.  Life is Love in form.  Thus all experience journeys the path of Love in its many diverse forms.  Continue reading