AscensionPioneers – Soul awakening & remembrance – 27 September 2013

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Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Lately I AM receiving so many messages about our unique personal vibration and appearance from Spirit. Ever since I moved from the city to the sacred Mountain space, I AM deeply remembering/unveiling my Self and my Elven Nature/Soul Spark/knowing. It is becoming more apparent in the way that I behave, how I treat myself, how I dress and what I resonate with deeply. It is not just me, because other individuals are noticing it as well. The moment that we express ourselves as our true authentic Soul in body, others will also easily start aligning with that expression. If others are not recognizing it and aligning with us, it simply means that we are not yet living as a fully authentic Soul expression.

I see and feel that this is strengthening and amplifying so fast for myself, as I AM awakening to my Core Essence. Spirit is showing me, that when we align with our internal vibration/dimension/awareness/state of Being, we also want to magnify that in the external. We want to radiate that out, to reverberate and express the uniqueness of our Soul expression. Remember that physical appearance always mirrors our Soul and the authenticity of its embodiment, so it’s not to be denied or pushed aside. There is no shame in that! It is not time to hide anymore or not show our true Self to everyone, as we are all One anyway. When we recognize ourselves and walk in our internal Soul Spark daily, others will recognize us as well. Those who have the eyes/Heart to see, of course. And this is what Ascension is all about anyway … to remember who we truly are and then live up to it in full magnitude! This is what the New Earth feels like. This is our personal Heaven on Earth. And so it continues to be.

Within Divine Love, Polona

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