TheOne-DreamDreamer – Power of Truth – 27 September 2013



But what is LOVE? What is it if not being your full and complete Heart? Your full and complete Being? How can LOVE be expressed and Be if not by sharing and giving it all away? So much is said about LOVE. So much has been written about it. So many words and still so much to Be…

LOVE is not a good you buy. It Is. You have it. You ARE IT. And it can only Be by giving it. There is no other way. Give it. Give it all away and you will find yourself so full of it that you shall scream of JOY. GOD did not fragment itself out of loneliness, IT was not seeking company. IT was simply LOVE and Became even more LOVE. And the LOVE IT became was shared through all that is and became even more LOVE.

And even in the deepness of forgetfulness man Feels alive when it touches LOVE, even when it only gets to touch the human love it still changes its life. For it is the eternal breath of life itself. And those who pretend or believe they have reached the deepness of LOVE and struggle when a brother or sister is in need, those that cannot see though the pain of those who seek the TRUTH of the meaning of LOVE… they need even more LOVE than others. For they are lost into their own suffering and use an illusion to mask their wounds. Hoping in something that they have come to believe to be true. As all those that are lost have done.

LOVE has no agenda, no opening hours, and it does not care if things do not follow a script. It lives in the forever Now. To turn down LOVE or a request of LOVE means you are not accepting LOVE for yourself. To give LOVE means to receive it. All ways.

LOVE is not blind though, it SEES perfectly. It SEES beyond the appearances of human masks. And that is what scares man about TRUTH and LOVE. No masks can conceal what is REAL. And no masks can fake LOVE.

For LOVE is open, coherent, crystal clear, it says no when it’s no and yes when it is yes. It does not fake itself… and more than anything it does NEVER hide.

GIVE LOVE, give it all away. Give it to yourself, give it to others, give it to life, give it by gifting a smile, give it by sending a note or by leaving it somewhere, give it to nature or to animals, give it to your neighbor and your friends, to a stranger and in the mall, simply GIVE IT AWAY. And see how easily Miracles happen. In you, around you, for you.

That IS THE MIRACLE OF LOVE. That is TRUTH POWER. For that is what GOD in TRUTH IS. All the LOVE YOU ARE.

Love, you. link to original article


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