Suzanne Lie – Back On Ascending Earth – Part 4 – Researching Our Dream – 28 September 2013


Fortunately, we are both were self-employed now, but we did have to take care of some business before we could focus on further deciphering our dream. However, since I was already on the computer for my work I had some time to research the Internet. I started my search by looking for articles on DNA and webs of light, which was re-defined by my research to be called energy fields.

I found fascinating information and was just compiling my research when Sandy walked in the door. She was excited to hear what I had learned and made us some coffee while I put my research into a sequential fashion so that it would more understandable. We drank our coffee and talked about our day so far. After relaxing a bit, I was ready to give my presentation. Sandy was all ears and eager to understand what we had experienced the day before.

I began by saying, “I started my research on DNA as we each saw strands of DNA flashing on and off within the energy field. What I discovered in my research is that our DNA is similar to a biological version of the Internet. There is 97% of it that has been labeled ‘Junk DNA,’ as no one could find the reason for it. Of course, where in nature is anything 97% junk?

“Fortunately, the Russians have done some very interesting research about this DNA that has been followed up in the United States. This research has revealed that this particular 97% of DNA is attuned to our human language. In fact, this DNA can actually be programmed by our thoughts and words if they resonate to a higher frequency of consciousness.

“When our thoughts and emotions are love-based we can maintain a high state of consciousness. However, fear-based thoughts and emotions lower our state of consciousness, but if we are doing something that we love, are being creative or are meditating we can raise our state of consciousness into a higher frequency.

“At all times, our thoughts and emotions alter our junk DNA. In fact, studies were done in which a person’s DNA sample was in a different room, or even fifty miles away, and the DNA instantly responded to that person’s emotions. When the person was watching a frightening slideshow their state of consciousness lowered and their DNA instantly became tighter and shorter. Furthermore, many of the DNA codes were switched off.

“On the other hand, when that person observed a slideshow that made him/her happy and raised his/her consciousness their DNA instantly relaxed and became longer. The important fact was that no matter how far away the DNA was from the person, the DNA’s response to the emotions and the resulting state of consciousness was instant.

“The researcher determined that this junk DNA could create tiny wormholes that transmitted information from the person to the DNA at quantum speed. These wormholes are two-way in that we transmit our consciousness out into our reality, and we receive personal, planetary, galactic and celestial consciousness into our bodies via this DNA.”

“Is this how we communicate with Mytria and Mytre?” asked Sandy.

“I am not sure,” I responded, “but that does make sense, doesn’t it?”

Sandy nodded in agreement, trying not to further interrupt my flow of information.

“This form of DNA communication was labeled ‘hyper communication.’ This hypercommunication works better when we are relaxed and ceases to function when we are under stress. Again, our state of consciousness is of upmost importance.”

“Do you think that we had the ability to perceive a higher reality when we first went to the airport because we were in a high state of consciousness, but our consciousness dropped when we entered Suite 1005 and we went back to only 3D perception?” Sandy asked.

“Yes, I was thinking that too, but I do not know why our consciousness dropped when we entered that room.”

“Because we took the wrong elevator,” we both laughed.

“The research I found said that we could all hyper-communicate, but we lost that ability when we entered this 3D planet of human separation consciousness. However, many animals still possess this ability and entire herds of animals, flocks of birds and pods of dolphins hyper communicate because they are not as separated into individuals as humans are.”

“I have heard that many of the new children called ‘Indigo Kids,’ actually communicate via what they call ‘the web,’” Sandy added.

“Yes, I found that in my research.  This web connects all matter. It influences us and we influence it through the vibration of our consciousness.”

“So we all have access to this web, but most of us don’t know that?” Sandy asked.

“Yes, I think that is true. The Indigo Kids did not become indoctrinated into the rules of our 3D life because they were quite dissociated from other humans. Whether we know it or not, this web of energy connects all matter, and we influence the web through our personal vibrations.

“In fact, it is through this web that we create our reality. What I learned is that our feelings activate the timeline that resonates to the frequency of those emotions. Even though we think we are living in one stable reality, we are actually living in a virtual ocean of possible realities. We choose and/or create our reality with our thoughts and emotions.

“What I learned from my research is that our feelings, defined as the combination of our thoughts and emotions, adhere us to certain timelines/realities via this web of creation. This occurs because this web of creation connects all of the energy and matter of the Universe. In other words, we attract what we focus on.

“If we focus on fear, the web of creation resonates to a reality based on fear. On the other hand, if we focus on love, the web resonates to a reality based on love. If we focus on gratitude, the web responds to ‘please send more.’ Since the universe is actually all energy, frequency and vibration, the web of creation aligns us with a reality that matches the energy, frequency and vibration that resonates from our form.”

“Wow, that is a lot of responsibility,” exclaimed Sandy.

“Yes, this information does not allow us to feel sorry for ourselves at all. In fact, if we focus on feeling sorry for our self, the web responds by sending us more of the same. In other words, the web of creation is a field of pure energy that vibrates to the frequency of our thoughts and feelings and serves as a magnet to attach us to a reality of that frequency.

“Eventually, this energy field becomes embedded into our physical frequency to actually create matter, particle-by-particle. Dr. Max Planck, a pioneer of quantum physics says, ‘All physical matter are composed of vibration.’ Do you see how our state of consciousness creates our reality?”

“Yes,” Sandy replied. “I understand now why my life was once so unhappy. Before I met Mytria and Mytre, and of course you, I continued to focus on what made me sad or angry or frightened. Then the web of consciousness heard ‘yes’ and sent me more of the fear-based reality on which I had focused my attention. It was an awful trap because my consciousness was so low that I could not perceive a way out, because I was lost in my own unhappiness.”

“Yes, you are talking about the next thing I found. It appears that our physical perception is calibrated only to electro-magnetic waves, so they bind us to the illusions of our physical world. We have to raise our consciousness into the higher dimensions in order to perceive the higher dimensional expressions of every physical perception.”

“That is why we could not see the twelfth floor,” Sandy said excitedly. “The first time we went to the airport we were doubtful and a bit fearful. Thus, our consciousness was only third dimensional. Thus, we could only perceive the third dimensional version of that reality while the higher frequencies of that reality were beyond our conscious perceptions.”

“Then,” I continued, “after we made love and had long, intimate discussions, our consciousness expanded enough for us to see the higher frequency version of the airport and the building. But when we opened the door to Suite 1005, we went back into doubt and…

“We only saw the 3D version of the room.” We said in unison.

“Also, we took the wrong elevator.” Sandy reminded. “I was thinking about the vortex that was in the dream which opened up to a swirling vortex. We did not go through a vortex, even when we were in a higher state of consciousness.”

“I know. I think we need to go into a joint meditation. Then we can ask Mytria/Mytre to help us get to the state of consciousness in which we can perceive and enter the vortex.”

Sandy completely agreed with my idea. We had created a certain area in our small living room where we meditated. We went to that small area, put on some soft music, lit the candles and settled into our meditation pillows. We were so excited that it took us a while to calm down, find our center and go into a deep meditation.

We instinctively knew that we would both perceive the same vision, as we had been meditating in this way for quite a while. Therefore, no conversation was needed. Slowly a golden light beamed closer and closer into our joint perception. We could feel that this light was of a very high frequency as the kundalini began moving up and down our spines. We focused on the light and the sensations that it created in our bodies as we sent out a call to Mytria and Mytre.

Instead of their communication, which usually occurred at this point, we saw the light turn into a swirling vortex. As Mytria and Mytre had taught us, we surrendered into the vortex. Instantly, we had the sensation of being engulfed by a light vortex. The light swirled around us, and we had the strange sensation of being transported somewhere.

Then, there was a sudden jolt, and all movement ceased. However, our bodies felt light as feathers with a constant sensation of movement within. At first the movement was a calm sensation such as small waves breaking on the shore. Then the waves became larger, and instead of braking on the shore they took us out into a huge ocean of light.

As we surrendered to this vision, we could see that the ocean was actually the web of creation. We experienced this web as a comforting blanket of light with many small sparkles. As we relaxed into this blanket of light, the sparkles revealed themselves at jointure points on a huge matrix. We were both aware that the matrix was for third dimensional Earth.

At first the matrix was far away, but as the matrix came closer and closer into our vision, we called to our guides to assist us with the fear that was arising in our consciousness. Fortunately, Mytria/Mytre in their form of merged divine complements sent us the antidote of unconditional love. We easily surrendered into the unconditional love to be liberated of all fear.

As the unconditional love filled our earth vessel, waves of bliss and euphoria filled our bodies. These sensations were so wonderful that we forgot any human intention and instinctively relaxed deeper and deeper into our experience. This surrender amplified the sensations of bliss, joy and unconditional love.

We knew that our bodies were safe, so we slipped into the obvious conclusion that we were leaving our human forms behind in the 3D Matrix. We felt what seemed like a gentle pop as we shed our physical encasement. There was a brief moment of disorientation, which was healed by another dose of unconditional love.

This time the unconditional love felt like a soft breeze, which quickly became the normal feeling for our somewhat humanoid forms. Our vague forms began to tingle as if we were floating in a fluid that was not water or air. In fact, we both had the vision of floating within an amniotic sac, but we were in a cosmic womb rather than a physical womb. Within this cosmic womb we saw universe upon universe.

We floated free of all gravity, temperature or any of the old-fashioned sensations that our now shed earth vessel once felt. We were within a reality that had no time and no space. We were everywhere within a constant NOW. We wondered if this is how Mytre and Mytria felt when all our experiences suddenly ceased.

Our bodies were still composed of love and light, but we suddenly appeared to have eyes that we could open. Tentatively, we opened our eyes to see Mytria and Mytria standing before us.

“Welcome to the Arcturian Mothership,” they said with one voice. / link to original article

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