Frau Feinstein, About That Freedom of Speech Thing… – 29 September 2013

Freedom Outpost

I know that many people share in my position and fear that our Constitution is being eroded at a frightening pace.

When I step back and look at our progress into the abyss I am able, for just a moment, to fully understand the “dear in the headlights” phenomena; something that seems to be the preferred habitat of far too many Americans. On the one hand, I am frozen in fascination at the skill and deftness at which our “elected representatives” whittle away at the very foundation of this once great nation. On the other hand I am frightened almost to the point of immobility which is where many of us live. The operative word here is “almost.”

I thought I had seen every subtle slight of hand and dirty under the table trick that the Democratic / Socialist / Communist coalition has ever come up with and successfully executed.

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