Lisa Gawlas – And Ode To YOU, To The Love That IS YOU! – 29 September 2013

lisagawlas2There is no doubt in my heart that we have indeed opened to the miraculous within ourselves.  I am not really talking about something or someone showing up exactly when you need it, that has always been the way of it, if we let the door open to it.  One of my connections yesterday was with a precious lady who had just come from putting her beloved Dalmatian down.  She had told me the dog had been very very ill and the moment she made the choice to euthanize her beloved friend, the dog found the energy to get happy, dance and prance to let her know, this was a great thing, a blessed and desired thing to do.  As she was telling me her story, her entire field started to fill with this thick, golden, honey like substance.  This thick liquid gold energy was coming from deep inside of her center heart, moving up and outward and sealing her in its radiance.  As it started to elongate, I also notice there was this effervescence to it, like bubbles in champagne.  It was extraordinary to be in the experience with her, the fluid love that was now creating the energy field of her life.  Of course I thought about our beloved Daisy Dukes, I couldn’t help it.

After I realized Daisy did indeed pass, and I allowed the guilt I had within myself to leave, I equally had seen this effervescence to our landscape, only encompassed in an opalescent energy.  I was to caught up in what happened with Daisy to really delve much deeper into seeing that energy spread out here in the Mesa.  My lady and her Morgan, her beloved Dalmatian, really helped me see and understand the spread of love energy, the light of our critters back to us when they depart.

But it seemed, Daisy wanted to make sure I got the point, the connection.  I made fresh homemade cream of asparagus soup yesterday.  All ingredients fresh from the store this past week.  Since Daisy’s passing, I have vacuumed my furniture to remove the cat hairs she left behind.  I have washed the floors and everything else down since then too.  So how is it, after my incredible and intense day of readings, as I sat with my delicious bowl of soup, I pick out a single strand of Daisy fur.  Her Fur is unmistakable, black with white tips.

I pulled that strand of fur out and thought… impossible.  There is no way she could have gotten a hair in my soup, but it was there.  I pulled it out and my crazy mind started trying to figure out, from my linear world, how did her fur get into a freshly made pot of soup.  I wrote it off as a fluke.  I even rummaged around in my bowl of soup to make sure it was the only one.  It was until it wasn’t.  Doncha know another stray hair/fur showed up before I finished my bowl of soup.

I do believe Daisy’s point was even bigger than just placing herself in my bowl of soup.  Since we cracked open into this new landscape, the day before yesterday, I started doing something I never ever do, I am cooking in between appointments, to the point of compelled to create fresh dishes between readings.  Considering with all the rescheduled, most times I only have 15 minutes between connections, I just don’t ever do that… until now.

I suppose it is my souls way of distributing the energy you are giving off in our connections now.  I have no way of really describing how different, how intense your Light field is now.  I am taking in what you are giving off and so I seem to be infusing the excess into fresh food and then consuming again.  Yesterday, even tho the brand new imagery was easier to understand, the energy flowing back to me, holy shit batman, intense, hot even.

I realized this morning, that what we share is so much more than a heads up from our spiritual teams, it pure love coming thru.  For the most part, untainted, unassuming, excited, and so very real and that is what we really leave each other with at the end of our connection.  That point came thru loud and clear in my bowl of soup.  It was much more than Daisy fur, it was a vivid expression that says, we leave a bit of each other in each others world.  Not only in the connections, but equally, in our sharings, be it thru this blog, on facebook, twitter (which I have no idea how to use.)

I spent the remainder of the day yesterday, with a massive headache that cracked open into intense heat coming out of every pore of my head, hands and feet.  I had a light fever for the remainder of the day and just kind of melted into my couch and processed.  I thought about each of you all day long.  My world, my life experience and understanding changes because you pop your heart in and show me details of life I could not see, would not understand, except thru you.

I became, and continue to be, engorged with your love, with your heart light, with your presence and essence in my life.

My last lady of the day, her reading, her energy stayed with me all day and into the night.  It was kinda crazy really.  My beautiful lady has been having a very hard time leaving her home for the last 5 years.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when we connected in this new earth, this new energy and I had to giggle from deep in the heart when she showed up, as if on a stage, deep black curtains closed together, and then suddenly she pulled them apart, just enough to pop her head thru.  OMG the light that billowed out from that crack, her beauty was her.  The more we talked and giggled over her imagery, when my lady said she did understand… the more she exposed herself to me, to the world.  This shiny violet, very very sexy dress was showing thru to.  She would pull her face back, then expose a very very sexy leg out of the curtain, never showing herself all at once… yet, but getting there.

All I could feel was the embodiment of the sexy, sultry Divine Feminine.  The dance of attraction, of calling on that which she needs to reproduce (fertilize) in her field of life.  The violet dress shows the energy of ascended mastery, the skin radiate the flawlessness of the feminine.  And ohhhhh so sexy.

And I hear the beautiful Diana Ross singing… I’m coming out…

I had a very strange, disorienting sleep last night and woke up really really late.  My day is about to begin and I cannot straddle sharings and readings efficiently any longer.  So I will close until tomorrow.

You are such extraordinary creatures, do not think for a single moment that you are not doing anything.  You are doing something each time you reach out and touch someone.  I am grateful, beyond grateful, you reach out and touch my heart so consistently and change my world because of your Presence within it.

I love you!!  And a special thank you to the Dalmation named Morgan and the cat named Daisy.  Your continued rain of love in our worlds is unmistakable and yummy even!!

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