Lucas – Two Interesting Readings – 29 September 2013

The CLOUD: No Name, No Docs, No Terms, No Balance Due: MBS Investors Screwed and Taking Borrowers Down With Them :  a snippet:

“Writing with the flu. Despite symptoms and medication that makes me dizzy, I feel compelled to write about something that is getting traction out there. The more you look at the false claims of securitization the more it stinks. We are dealing with a system that is based on really big lies. I’m sure our leaders of government have a very appealing rationalization why we must pretend the mortgage bonds are real, why we must pretend the mortgages are real, why we must pretend the notes are real, and why we must pretend the debts and defaults are real. But those are lies based on sham transactions. And those lies are based in public policy. And public policy is contrary to law.”


This PDF file  from

It gives you, if you did not know, a real inside….

It makes clear they even go after each…. the real ones that the real money originates from, US People , are not having the benefits that should be ours.  It is time for you to wake up and see… it is not a conspiracy theory or some idiot…. it is real…

Get reading and discerning yourselves and foremost get your news now it still can from the alternative blogs they also want to shut down for bringing you the REAL news. Wake Up and make a stand in peace to abolish this debt-slavery system and the control system  that is the negative New World Order. Those still proposing the old and want to controlling humanity with laws, statutes and legalities and enforcement need to go… As that New World Order they believe in is not a new world order that will bring equality and prosperity, peace and harmony and freedom of you as individual creator beings.  It is about you getting all the power back .. not some elite group or control system on and, YES, also off planet…

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