AscensionPioneers – Ascension Update: Growing In Discernment – 30 September 2013

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Dear Ascension Pioneers!

With this influx of New energy, we are stepping deeper and deeper into our true Self power and knowingness. I AM noticing so many changes and awakenings within myself. All the marks of seership that I have on a Soul level, are now starting to be fully embodied. I AM noticing how my inner knowing has increased, and how I AM able to penetrate and see right through the veils, where nothing can remain hidden. It is only through the Christed Heart Essence, that All can be seen and understood through neutrality. This is where discernment comes into play. All that remains in the shadow, Now clearly comes to Light of Truth. Much going on here on the planet is still false, manipulative, and not really pure. Much is meant to use/abuse the power of the Infinite for personal gain instead of selfless service to All. But the more that we step into our power as Ascension Pioneers and Way showers, the more this is all revealed and dissolved into the Light of Truth.

With our increased and greater power, always comes greater responsibility. This can be many things, from speaking about it, writing about it, or simply no longer denying the shadow, all the lies and the false, and with naturally observing it within the Light of Truth … allowing it to naturally transform and come into Truth. The ascended path is that of higher discernment and awareness of Source. How Source sees, we also see. What Source knows and experiences, we also experience, as we become Source embodied. With this higher awareness and embodiment, we have a responsibility then, to not just know as Source, but to also Be and act as Source. We need to rise up to who we truly are and live through our Monadic Presence. That is why we came here, and we have a devotion to Be of a higher service to the Truth of Grace … which is that Purity Be restored on this plane of Existence once more.

I know what I AM devoted to on my Soul path and purpose. What about You?

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. Don’t just believe anything that You see or read … just because it sounds fancy, it doesn’t necessarily make it true. Read/feel the energy behind everything that comes into your Presence … always through awareness!


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