Judith Dagley – Are You An “Energy Sensitive? – Then This Is For You, Part 1 – 30 September 2013


judithThis post is quite a sudden swerve into a topic that is almost the polar opposite of my usual ones. Know that I am feeling the swerve acutely as I write.  Usually, I write posts in response to the increasing call I feel from the many  who wish to become more “energy sensitive.” I celebrate that, since we are energetic beings, we do create the reflections we call “reality” through our own frequencies, and the “time” to awaken to our sovereignty as creator beings has been at hand for…quite awhile, let’s just say. So, such posts will not stop coming from me, be assured.

Yet I suddenly got a most powerful “hit” (right upside my own head, lol)– that all of this well-deserved attention that is being showered on those who aspire to become “energy sensitive” by many of us who already are and so feel the call to do the showering– is neglecting the “energy sensitives” among us who have not been equally supported or encouraged!

Well, what the hay?

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