Judith Dagley – Are You an Energy Sensitive? Then This is for YOU, part 2 – 30 September 2013

judithYowza. All I can say is that I’ve just gotten some pretty fascinating confirmation that, in the vortex of  ending/beginning energies that we are currently swirling through as a collective, the “energy sensitives” among us do need and deserve some immediate recognition and attention. I mean BIG-TIME.

And… how do I know that?  Because I am one myself. (How else do we ever know anything unless we access it within us? Come on, trust me on that one by NOW– we DON’T.)

And… since I also know that what I need and deserve is of the utmost importance, for a whole lot of reasons right NOW, I know that it is true for the rest of you/me/us, as well. That’s the beauty of being holographic, remember?

And… just what was the catalyst that literally spun me face-to face into knowing how important tending to the “energy sensitives” among us is right NOW? Ha… this one still has me amazed, so get heart-centered and prepare accordingly.

A few days ago, I got the nudge to present a teleconference –don’t like the frequencies of that label, but it’s the only one we all have a mutual recognition of at this point– for “energy sensitives.”  So I drafted the beginning of a post about it, then left it for “later.” (I was busy being an earthling, OK? Let’s just leave  it at that, shall we?)

But “later” became TODAY, when my unfinished post literally posted itself.  Yikes. How’s that for a nudge? This sort of thing is happening in all of our lives, btw, and most especially with those of us who “commune” with the energies in any of the ways that have been–prior to NOW–labeled “extra-sensory.”

So! I have been called to follow through in short order–and I cannot tell you how glad I am about that. As I’ve often told you, I am in this human process of expanding beyond pre-conceived limitations, just as you are, and it is only when I go through one myself that I can authentically share it with YOU. So here’s the story–

“Energy sensitives” have  been ignored and neglected long enough–so long that we even ignore  recognizing ourselves as fully as we need to in order to honor and care for our own special needs.  (Ha, “special needs.” Good one…)  And so, a voice-to-voice connection/presentation is in order to begin to do just that. There are SO MANY skills that those who are sensitive to energy innately have, but have not yet claimed, because they were not part of “mainstream knowledge.” There simply has been nowhere to turn for acknowledgement and guidance– and as members of a human collective, we wanted first and foremost to merge, and “fit in.” And that desire was important–critically so.

NOW, however, it has become important to understand WHY. To claim our energetic gifts with the compassion we learned on the journey, and to USE them accordingly NOW. Be it to shine our Love/Light of compassion on a child, a lover, a cashier at the corner grocery store, or someone we pass on the street who needs it– hopefully all of these and more, with effortless joy, many times a day. The “time” is  NOW.

We who are “energy sensitives”  need to know how to run our energy as masters, and keep ourselves in high and happy working order in a way that has never been as needed in aeons. To use a metaphor, if our human collective is panning for gold in order to survive–we are the gold. YOU are the gold. PLEASE do not take this “seriously!” Take it Lightly–but DO take it to heart.

This teleconference I’m being led/ pusuaded/struck by lightning to offer (depending on your perspective) will undoubtedly be increasingly fine-tuned at a rapid pace over the next few days, as I’m getting that it  needs to manifest as soon as possible. But when, or even if, it will manifest is up to guess who? Not me–YOU!

I hope that isn’t too big a surprise to you, after all the blogs you’ve read on this site over the past couple of years about your sovereign authority… I know, it might have been easy to conceptualize them in the past as ideas rather than the truth of who you are. But It seems that NOW, the truth that none of us can be “spoonfed” with anything we aren’t willing and ready to digest is being reflected all around us.

Just  ”got” a metaphor! No more shoving pablum into the mouths of babies because we think they need the nutrition–only to watch them effortlessly employ their supreme, sovereign power by letting it all dribble down their chins. How DARE we? (HA! That’s a good one, don’tcha think?)

Winding up/down here—It all comes down/up to the incredible power of sovereignn authoity we have. If YOU are an “energy sensitive” who is interested in being seen, heard, recognized, as well as aquiring NEW tools and energetic support within a community of others like you, PLEASE let me know asap! You can do so  either by leaving a comment after this post, or by emailing me at thecelestialteam@gmail.com.

I just want to add..,.if you feel the resonance within you…please don’t ignore it. For your sake, and for the sake of the rest of us who resonate with you. Isolation only breeds isolation. And its about time for a joyful reuion, don’tcha think?  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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