Laura Bruno – Zoe Hind – Astrology 30 September/ 6 October – 1 October 2013

laura-of-the-rocksI’ve heard from a number of people lately that they’re feeling “lost,” “uncomfortable,” or “without a clear way forward.” One advantage of working with such a variety of people from — literally — all seven continents, is that I notice common trends in diverse people and locations. Although raised with an extreme skepticism about astrology, through all these observations of client trends, in conjunction with having some good friends who happen to be astrologers, I’ve come to respect and value astrology as a helpful indicator of influencing energies.

No, our horoscope doesn’t mean our Destiny with a capital “D.” Awareness of phases of the Moon and planetary placements does, however, let us know when energies are generally supportive of or in conflict with our intended actions. I, personally, feel very clear with my own intuitive nudges to push or slow down. For me, learning astrological factors provides some left brain candy so that it can find a more “logical” explanation for whatever my right brain insists is happening. I realize that for many people astrology and left brain don’t go in the same sentence, but if you’ve actually studied astrology at all, you know it can become quite technical — blending cold, hard numbers, degrees and facts with the intuitive interpretation of the angles and aspects.

I continue to post so many astrological forecasts here in support of people who suddenly find themselves swimming upstream or feeling a need to withdraw. For many people, such feelings cause alarm or questions like “What’s wrong with me?!” “Why can’t I get started on this?” “Why do I want to curl up in a dark room and sleep for two days? I’m not sick!” Not always, but quite often, such people find themselves simply responding to the dominant astrological energies of the times.

Just as Mercury Retrograde with all its communication and confusion issues also supports certain types of activities, so also any astrological alignment offers support for compatible activities and intentions. Astrology helps you to take advantage of whatever flow happens to come your way. Not surprisingly, the people I most often hear the periodic complaints of “what’s wrong with me?” tend to be those who are “not into astrology at all. No offense, but I skip all those posts on your blog.” No offense taken, but please know that I post these here for a reason — usually when they summarize the most common things I’m hearing in sessions, comments or emails. ;)

This week’s energy supports some individual “digging in deep” to discover dark or hidden parts of ourselves in the beginning of the week, but by the end of the week, we’ve got a chance to apply what we’ve learned about ourselves and our desires in order to help the greater whole. Mercury in Scorpio offers deep inner transformation in the ways we communicate with ourselves. Saturday’s New Moon in Libra then offers a new sense of balance — Libra is the sign of balance, symbolized by the scales — and an ideal time to (finally) move forward on those things that currently seem in suspended animation.

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