Meg Benedict – We’re In For A Wild Ride – 5D Astrology This Week! – 1 October 2013

MegBenedictChange is in the air, the weather is brisk and power-plays abound. On this final day of September, we are experiencing a planetary ‘Threshold Point’, when the shifting consciousness ratchets up a notch to the next level. Humanity has reached the final moments when the old holographic reality hinges on the newly upgraded platform – the birthing of a new reality that is quite different.

October 1st will catapult us into the new realm so that our visions/hopes/dreams can find ‘footing’ in the new hologram of the 5D matrix. Since the summer’s Grand Trine, there have been continual bursts of clearing and purging as we disentangle from the reptilian 3D matrix. This will continue until our bodies/hearts/minds have fully integrated the old reptilian system and bloodline codes into the crystalline light of the 5D New Earth.

For those who have been distracted by the 3D matrix programs of poverty, victim mentality, fear, indulgence and competition, the following months could be very challenging. We have some strong astrology hitting the ethers starting tomorrow, October 1st and will continue into this week and coming months. Even if you are not interested in changing, healing, letting go or moving, the cosmos could force your hand.

First up…the Sun is making a square to Pluto on Tuesday, Oct. 1 at 9:27 pm EDT, stepping into the 2012-evolution/revolution Uranus-Pluto square that lasts thru March 2015. Sun-square Pluto brings up any issues or patterns involving power struggles, albeit with our own ego shadow or with others’ misuse of power. A good example of Sun-square Pluto are the US politicians grandstanding to close the government if they don’t get what they want…a power play that will greatly affect US citizens and the global financial market.

On October 3rd the Sun will make an opposition to Uranus, stirring up more surprises and disturbing power plays that could lead to revolutionary reactions. If the politicians close the US government and stop paying the bills, imagine what kind of reactions will ripple around the planet.

Then a witch of a new moon will join the party on Friday, October 4th in opposition to Uranus, so expect the unpredictable! When life gets crazy and chaotic, it’s best to step back and breathe slowly to maintain inner balance. We may encounter multiple moments of crazy this week…so remember to keep breathing and stabilizing the planetary field.

Next up are two powerful eclipses occurring while Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio from October 21st to Nobember 10th. An eclipse ushers in breakdowns/breakthroughs in an accelerated fashion, as if the ‘hand of destiny’ shuffled the deck. The first lunar eclipse falls in Aries on October 18th where Uranus is in exact square (90-degree angle) to Pluto for the fourth time since 2011 on November 1st. This compressed volatile astrology will shakeup status quo, causing change and possible upheaval in the global arena.

Put on your seatbelts, we are in for a roller coaster ride.
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