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Protecting Arctic From Plunder, Greenpeace Activists Charged As Pirates – 2 October 2013

common-dreamsDecision by Russian officials is direct ‘assault on peaceful protest,’ say campaigners

– Jon Queally, staff writer

Of the thirty Greenpeace activists taken into custody last week over their peaceful protest against arctic drilling by oil giant Gazprom, five of them on Wednesday have been officially charged with piracy by Russian officials. Continue reading

Ruth Ryden – Ruth And The Masters Of Light – 2 October 2013

RuthRydenThe Masters: “October, the month of drastic changes in weather and of planning for the winter coming, with lots of expectations for a childhood holiday at the end. It helps to be planning something fun for a change. In North America, the month will not be an easy one, as the changing season brings with it more storms and possibly some early snow. Temperatures we see to be less than normal for this time of year; warmer one week, dropping to new lows the next. Continue reading

Netanyahu Fear Mongering Over Iran To Mask Israel’s Lack Of Legitimacy – 2 October 2013

RT logoThe Israeli Prime Minister may have left his cartoon bomb at home, but his latest appearance at the UN contained no shortage of dubious claims aimed at strangling the nascent US-Iran rapprochement in its cradle.

Just three days after the historic phone call between US President Obama and Iranian President Rouhani, hopes for a thaw in relations between the two countries were dashed when Obama confirmed that military options were still on the table during a press conference with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office. In his eloquent address to the General assembly, Rouhani explicitly cited the “military options on the table” position as being an illegal and ineffective contention, prior to explicitly declaring, “peace is within reach.” Obama’s unwillingness to deviate from his dominant line comes as no surprise looking back to his excessively uni-polar and exceptionalist address to the general assembly. Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif immediately decried Obama’s flip-flop, and urged Washington to show consistency in dealing with Iran to promote trust – a unexceptional plea that will most likely prove to be too much for Washington to adhere to.

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Google’s Wide Net Of Data-Fishing Could Land It Whopping Fines – 2 October 2013

RT logoGoogle may be facing its toughest fight yet, as a series of court cases involving the company’s casual wiretapping of the world’s e-mails and Wi-Fi networks could result in astronomical fines, and drastically reshape the notion of online privacy.

The collected accusations resulted into two major legal attacks on the company – one involving its groundbreaking Street View mapping service, the other its Gmail service.
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Farmer Loses Land Battle, Though Military Grants Him One Last Harvest – 2 October 2013


Fighting to save his beloved farm from Canada’s elite soldiers, Frank Meyers is finally forced to surrender

In Frank Meyers’s eyes, the view from his dining room window is priceless. Literally. He can see the old wooden house where he lived as a little boy. The family barn, rebuilt with his talented hands. Rows and rows of sweet corn, sprouting from prime Ontario soil. No matter how many federal bureaucrats knocked on his door—or how much cash they offered to pay—the 85-year-old farmer refused, again and again, to sell his beloved land. As he likes to say: “You can’t eat the money.”

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Selacia – New Moon Intentions Process – Energize Your Future Potentials – 2 October 2013

SelaciaNew Moon Intentions Process
– Energize Your Future Potentials –

by Selacia

Note:  A new moon like we have on Friday is like a blank page on which you can write your intentions for the next phase. The ancients knew this, using new moons for sacred ceremony. In our modern everyday life, we can forget how powerful nature’s cycles are – so here’s a timely article ahead of our new moon. I recommend starting the process before Friday, so you are ready to energize it first thing that day. Check out my upcoming events below the article, too, offering you more potent tools and spiritual support for this next phase. Thank you for sharing this with your friends. May your day and month ahead be fruitful, joyful, and full of goodness! Continue reading

Solar Wind Coming In – 2 October 2013

Look at the animation at this link by NOAA

Peak hits 2 October.




Lucas – In The Moment Of Now – BEing – 2 October 2013


Picture by David Hawgood

Building a inner-knowing  of who you are and where your power lies is a not an easy road to take.  A whole lot of signs, diversions, closed roads and obstructions are on your path. Still you seek out that what suits you on your journey. It is a process that everybody goes through.

There is no instance of being left behind as there is always a choice to take another path, make a U-turn or even go backwards or proceed where your going.  It is all perfectly okay.  The only things that make the experience of your journey so great is feeling the choices you made are the best for you. If they are not, they feel bad. Continue reading

Solar Seed 2013 – 2 October 2013

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John Ward – Cameron Conference Speech: Sneak Preview Shakes Media – 2 October 2013

JohnWDavid Cameron will explain this afternoon why the banks are doing God’s work really. This exclusive excerpt sets out his vision for a Conservative Utopia.

I’m sure most people would agree that I have my finger pretty firmly on the pulse of what ordinary people who are nothing like me think these days. You see, the one overriding thing we have in common is concern about money. It doesn’t matter whether you went to Eton or Bash Street School, money is always an issue: I want even more of mine and you wonder where yours went, so we have a mutual interest. Continue reading