Ruth Ryden – Ruth And The Masters Of Light – 2 October 2013

RuthRydenThe Masters: “October, the month of drastic changes in weather and of planning for the winter coming, with lots of expectations for a childhood holiday at the end. It helps to be planning something fun for a change. In North America, the month will not be an easy one, as the changing season brings with it more storms and possibly some early snow. Temperatures we see to be less than normal for this time of year; warmer one week, dropping to new lows the next.

Be prepared for the very cold winter coming up; there will be problems with fuel suppliers. Time to see that your portable generators are working properly, or purchase one, if you can. See that your cars or other modes of transportation are in good working order. Storms racing across the continent from the Pacific and from the currents coming up from the south will be powerful and sometimes very dangerous. Be sure the children have suitably heavy coats as they leave for school in the mornings. South America’s temperatures will wobble up and down, and we see a larger amount of volcanic eruptions coming into play.

The increasing amount of earthquakes on the Asian continent are announcing some deep movements in the earth that will make drastic changes in the surface and in the weather conditions during the next year. Remember, we have said before that the frequencies on the surface relating to weather and the temperament of human beings have a great deal to do with the frequencies that shoot down under the surface, causing “discomfort if you may” to the depths below. Believe that or not, but look at the horrors that are transpiring on the surface, then to the quakes. Still, the movement of the plates around the world continues, with rising seas becoming the uncomfortable dangers that have been predicted for years.

Europe willhave problems in many places with sink holes as the continent is undergoing some drastic movements far below. The sink holes in the U.S. caused, instead. by poor planning of underground pipes and ground work. Australia looks to be the most settled of the continents, despite some drastic storms that will come from the Antarctic about the middle of the month. Not a time to be in ships on these seas.

All in all, a time to get ready for winter all over the world. Stoke up, settle down, and look forward to some really interesting changes as you watch your tv forecasts.

The Spiritual Human Being

“At birth, each person, according to circumstances, seeks to know more about him or herself, strives to the inner feelings and emotions that arise amid the myriad circumstances of life on this planet.

References to the “Third Dimension” refers to the basic frequencies on and below the planet . Human beings experience them as either a comfortable feeling of being able to live happily and in a state of accomplishment, or feel they are in a “place out of time” and try to compensate by showing others how strong or smart they are, ever striving to reach a perceived summit of accomplishment, or a status of command. This is most evident in your time, as the pressures of the present state of the planet change the frequencies, resulting in the sudden outbursts of mayhem you have been experiencing.

The frequency flows on and in the Earth will continue to oscillate for some years yet, and this you must be aware of and exhibit some deep understanding of those whose minds are affected the most. It is essential to walk about your daily lives with the awareness of those around you, being careful to detect sudden changes in attitudes and emotional hostilities. It is a time to put on the armour of inner power you all were given at birth.

Rising to the 4th Dimension is a reference to the intensifying of frequencies in your solar system and the entire universe, as creation continues to bring into motion highly-evolved human species all the time. Your descendants will be taller, highly intelligent and loving inhabitants of your world as it continues to transform itself.

Fear has its place during these turbulent times, as that emotion draws to the mind a higher intensity of all circumstances this is how new inventions are birthed! Fear can be a cleanser to the conscious mind, leaving it open to new ideas that arise from the necessity and the longing for a peaceful existence, or it can be a fog of uncertainty when the mind refuses to seek the opportunities of different avenues of problem solving.

Share your experiences with others and help those who can profit from your kindness and generosity.

The storms of change are a blessing you cannot fathom at the present time of immense transformations, but the day will come when all this will be clearly understood by all humanity.”

Questions to the Masters that many are asking in one way or another:

Channeling thoughts, and even voices, from a higher spiritual source, from our own souls, from beings from other worlds, from different consciousness than our own, has become a ritual all over the world. indigenous people have been doing this for centuries through village witch doctors or medicine men or women, but today this is no longer something to make fun of. This is an overpowering subject, so I will ask specific questions:

First of all, in general, are these thoughts believed to have come from other beings of matter; perhaps other places or planets in our universe, astral or manufactured space ships visiting our solar system, actually coming from other beings or races, or something else masquerading as space ship “commanders”, encouraging the receivers of their thoughts to think they have been given special powers or delegated as part of their “crews”? Is humanity being influenced by such “outside” powers? What is going on here?

Masters ~ “Dear ones, there is an infinite ocean of conscious beings, whether encased in some kind of matter or transversing the universe, constantly seeking knowledge, communication, even ways of overcoming what they meet in different ways. Many religions have set their beliefs that all spiritual beings are either angelic beings who answer prayers or devilish spirits out to take their souls to hell. We will go into the latter subject at another time. These untold trillions of souls created by the Infinite Creator have emotional egos that are as varied as are the souls encased in human form. It is important that one is careful to whom prayers are sent, and what is being requested in those prayers, for the negative thoughts of humankind are as eagerly sought by souls of that nature as are the sincere positive prayers for guidance, help and healing gladly received and acted upon by those beings who are of the highest spiritual nature.

As to the supposed space ship entities, it is easy for both positive and negative souls to project any form they wish in order to contact beings in matter. Just as the higher souls you call Angels can appear when they wish to, so can those souls who have not progressed to the higher dimensions project themselves into interesting structures or apparitions to fit human expectations of space ships or people from faraway places to fit the comic book characters that give life a bit of excitement.

The communications from these projections are very real to those who enjoy the thrill of hearing thoughts from other realms. This is not something looked down upon by the Creator – it is an exercise for the human souls to realize for themselves the direction such communication is leading. When this kind of communication convinces the receiver into thinking they are very special and better than others, there is the danger of misunderstandings that can lead to disastrous circumstances.

As to the space ships themselves, their appearance is projected by the souls being contacted; they are able and willing to do this when the seekers want to see them. It is also the intent to remind your species that there is more to life than what you normally experience. The ships are discernible along with the projections of other beings. This is why the efforts of dedicated scientists fail to find them for examination. The “foo fighters” – space ships seen during the last wars, were very real projections, sent to help and distract from dangerous situations. They are also sent at times to warn of coming changes in your world. There is no need to feel threatened by these projections in any way.

You are not alone in this life experience.

The human mind is set into place with what you might conceive of as an electronic sender and receiver. It is up to the individual to decide what kind of information he/she wishes to receive. When the intent to learn and understand human nature and its place in the world is requested in the proper manner, the information is given through the mind of the receiver from higher soul beings, through the soul of the receiver, you know as the Higher Self.

When a human being goes in prayer to the God of Love, Kindness, and Giving, those thoughts will connect with the highest forms of consciousness to be heard and answered. When he/she wishes to experiment with the beings of other kinds in the universe, it is the given gift of the Creator that they may do so. This is not wicked or wrong, but will be as a lesson learned eventually.

Yes, of course, there are other planets where beings of matter exist, but not necessarily in the form you are used to. Eventually, there will be highly developed beings on these planets who will be able to cross the expanses of space to visit other planets, and that has been done, but not as yet to Earth. Earth is undergoing a renewal of its material matter at the present time and you are learning tremendous knowledge about space and your ability to reach into the stars with rocket power. Actual confrontation with other species of universal life will come into being when the solar system has calmed down into the new orbiting that is being provided. Until then, yes, there is communication, but realize it can be from negative spiritual beings as well as from the angelic servants of the Creator. When you meditate and open your soul, be sure you are directing your thoughts very specifically to the highest sources of universal mind. Trying to direct negative energies, anger, or spiteful retribution to others in this way, will backfire.

Open your mind, and your hearts, to the Creator of All Things, no matter what you may name it, and let your hearts be filled with the love and satisfaction with life that you are seeking There you will find it. Amen.”


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