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Breaking – US Capitol Hill In Lockdown After Reports of Shooting – 3 October 2013

99840-the-west-front-of-the-u-s-capitol-300x300The media is fully at it…. we do not more than that shots were supposedly fired and Capitol Hill is in a  lock down.

( Lucas : It would though be a dream if  they are arrresting the ones that have kept you and all in debt-slavery and under their control as the secret representatives of the  corporate government.)



Peter, Lucas and Colin – Double Dutch Radio Show – REMINDER TOMORROW 4 October – 3 October 2013


Friday 4 October 2013 SHOW REMINDER

Friday the 4th Oct. is our new radio show episode, make a note and listen in! Call in with your questions!

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Viewpoint in the now with Lucas : this week Maarten Horst

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Lucas also talked about I-OPEEN with Angel and Keimpe a bit more in depth.


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ActivistPost – Melissa Melton – Smart Grid Gone Stupid; Unmanned Train Goes Roque And Crashes, Injuring 33 – 3 October 2013

Logo_activistpost-comThe future is here, and it’s all very Jetsons, but maybe there’s something yet to be said for the way the Flintstones lived.

An unmanned commuter train crashed this week in Chicago injuring 33 people during Monday morning rush hour:

Investigators believe no one was on the train when it traveled about three-quarters of a mile and hit another train, injuring 33 people, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Wednesday.  Continue reading

BusinessInsider – Obama Just Played His Big ‘Trump Card’ On The Debt Ceiling – 3 October 2013

businessInsider(Lucas : I am a bit done with this fearmongering. Even when this might be so… we really need to see to it that this financial and government system gets shut down. We need a new way of doing things and that should start NOW. Wake up. The time has come to say it is enough. We need to build a new world together in peace and not go focus and keep focussing on money and the way things go… and they are in control … IT IS NOT TRUE… you all can change the world this minute by doing things different. By not complying and by starting to do things differently so many have already created new communities that have made their lives work outside the financial and control and government system. Those people and groups live in peace have abundance and exchange already freely. STOP THINKING AND ACTING AS IF YOUR HELPLESS!  YOU ARE THE POWER AND THEY ARE NOT. PERIOD!)

Early Thursday morning, Potomac Research Group analyst Greg Valliere predicted that if the debt-ceiling deadline grew closer, President Barack Obama would play his “trump card” in the debate. He would remind seniors that if Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling, seniors wouldn’t get their Social Security checks.

Read the whole story at : www.businessinsider.com/ link to original  article

Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 362 – 3 October 2013

AishaNorthAs you have already noticed, the roller coaster is indeed picking up speed, and for many, it will feel like they are being tossed to and from on this unpredictable ride. It may seem very chaotic, but please believe us when we say that even if it might not seem like it to you, everything is under control.

For we see what you do not, and we know what you have yet to be made privy to, and as such, we will always be on hand to keep you updated on the proceedings. We know it can be more than frustrating to be fighting this feeling of being left out in the cold as it were, but again, you are not left out of anything by ill will. Rather, you are in the loop in everything you need to be in the loop about, and the rest is not only out of your control, it is simply under the management of those in charge of overseeing this whole operation. Continue reading

Shutdown Clock Hysteria Overshadows NDAA Win – Weapons of Mass Distraction- 3 October 2013

Uploaded on 3 October 2013 by breakingtheset Continue reading

OpEdNews – John Grant – It’s Time To Feed The Hungry Peace Wolves – 3 October 2013

OpEdNewsAll we are saying is give peace a chance
– John Lennon

Whether war or cooperation is the more dominant trait of humanity is one of the oldest questions in human discourse. There are no satisfying answers for either side exclusively, which seems to suggest the answer is in the eternal nature of the debate itself. Continue reading