Ariah Velasquez – Being Authentic – 3 October 2013


I think people get surprised when they really get to know me, or even when they meet me for the first time for that matter.  They expect me to be airy fairy, and to never show certain human emotions. Last night at dinner with a new friend she found out I walked up to someone once and told him I thought he was very insecure and that he needed some help! She replied, “You mean you didn’t just say, oh bless you.”  Well, I said that too inside, but on the outside, he needed in that moment the reflection to rattle his feathers a little bit.  Your Divine Self, which I perceive as God/Godess, is fierce, loving…everything.  When you keep that channel open to your divine self, many things will come through in the appropriate times.

One spiritual teacher I studied with shared a story about a pre-teen boy who was a bully in school. At the time, this teacher was a therapist, and the boy was brought to him.  He spent session after session insulting the boy, while the boy insulted back.  He did this purposefully for the boy got to be himself when he was with the therapist.  Over time, all his problems stopped because someone had finally met him where he was and let him act out.

Divinity comes in many forms. It would not have been appropriate to let him act out at school, but in this environment, it worked.  When we are not ashamed of our stutters, stumbles, clumsiness, “imperfections” (which are really perfect), we become authentic.

This morning I sat eating a quiche and pieces kept falling off my fork. I probably looked like a slob, or a very impolite woman.  There were business men sitting around me in a cafe. I didn’t mean to let it fall, but it did.  For a split second, I thought, “Stop that, look ladylike”; the human me coexists with the divine me.  As I witnessed this thought, I laughed inside and responded, “It’s ok. You can show vulnerability”.

Yesterday I sat on the phone with a client, and she was new to me.  My voice occasionally tripped up as we tried to figure out the technology.  My empathic self heard her thought, her fear that I would not be a strong presence.  And then I realized this was her projection onto me. That I was still the same transmitter, force of love, force of light as my voice searched for a word here and there. I held the space for her to understand that others can protect and help her. That she is safe.  I felt several times throughout the session, her moments of doubt.  And I continued to hold my moments of certainty.

Another client found surprise as she discovered when she owns that she is the transmitter that all it means is she focuses on experiences within herself that she has been through that felt light filled, loving, and powerful.  Being the transmitter of light is mystical, but it is also very simple.  It is you, and as you pay attention to the way you naturally do it, then focus on it, it amplifies.  Through authentically realizing you have always been a keeper of the light/love frequency, you become a powerful force that vibrates it out to others.  It will get stronger. Focus on what you already do. Focus on being authentic.

With light,

Ariah Velasquez

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

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