AscensionPioneers – The Portal Opening & Unification Process – 3 October 2013

Uploaded on 1 October 2013 by ASCENSIONPIONEERS

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

In this video, I AM sharing about the immense portal opening that took place recently, and explain a bit about this process and the portal itself. I also speak about the process of unification. What is it truly about anyway? In the New/Unity consciousness, it is not enough just to think that we are One, and thinking that this in itself is enough. We are truly living in Unity, when we remember that on each level of our Being, and then anchor our knowing of that in our every experience. We come into the embodiment of Unity consciousness when we unify all the areas of our life and no longer see them as separate, as all are intertwined, correlated and affecting one another. There is no one without the other, and if we continue to fragment different parts of our lives and pile them up, it truly doesn’t serve us in the bigger picture. What we are doing with that, is creating more duality and adversity. We cannot fully live in Unity, if we think that we will truly change anything and step into our complete wholeness without engaging in this unification process first.

This begins with looking deep within, and seeing where we are still creating those divisions. All of them are illusions, and if we continue telling ourselves that life will be better if we change one part of our life, while another one is left unattended and perhaps even dysfunctional, then we are truly not coming from our highest integrity. We need to be really honest with ourselves, and see where we are still telling these little “white lies” to ourselves. This process can be a bit difficult to face sometimes, but it simply needs to unfold in order for us to truly step into our wholeness. It begins by us seeing those subtle lines that connect all life together, feeling these threads of light (awareness) and connecting them together into Unity once again. We are already whole in Truth, do You remember?

So many individuals still ask me about different parts/segments of their life … but when You are truly in Unity consciousness, You feel yourself as One, and all the different areas of your life are also One. You no longer separate these segments into your love life, your career life, your free time, etc. In true Unity, there is only Being. And You don’t need to create free time, as You are already living as a fully free Being of Divine Love … and allowing your Spirit to soar way up high!

Within Divine Love, Polona


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