Mystery : Top 3 Conspiracy Theory Websites Crash At Same Time As Government Shutdown – 3 October 2013

 (BIN) — Does the fact that three of the top ‘conspiracy theory’ websites in the world crashed at the same time as the US government shutdown occurred prove that said websites are front organizations owned by the CIA or NSA as a data mining operation? Are the websites, and owned by the US government? It’s long been known that merely mentioning Tavistock or Stanford Research on GLP will get you banned; I’ve tested it several times in the past. If these websites aren’t owned by the govt, then why did they all crash at the same time as the shutdown?  We all know that governments love their deception of the masses as the video below shares. Conspiracy Reddit is having a blast with this one.

ALL DOWN virtually at the same time.

Surprisingly this happens just as the govt shut down hits. Abovetopsecret has made public, through its tweeter account, that they have been attacked. No further information has been posted. Their rival sites GLP and LunaticOutpost have made no announcements.

The question is, are these sites NSA/DHS fronts? According to internet maps, all of them closely neighbor the NSA plus other govt websites.

Does anyone believe in coincidences any more? Read more via Before It’s News…


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