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What an amazing time to be alive right now. It can get a bit sketchy at times, but somehow deep within we know we must continue on the path and follow it through to completion. Whenever a paradigm opens or closes the universe is swept up in a huge rush of energy and it is with this rush of energy we must build our new foundation for the new world carefully. We must not repeat our mistakes again after all of this hard work. Are you ready to raise yourself upwards and leave the old ways of the old paradigm behind you? This is what this time is all about and we need to all get on the same page and make things happen, to use this energy rush we are whirling around in to create the new world. We must free our minds thereby freeing ourselves in order to accomplish this feat. It requires a deep faith and trust and a giant leap into the unknown to be a part of this transition. Do you have the courage? A great many people do not. Many are still hobbled in the 3 Dimensional world believing everything they are being told and remain a slave to the dark realms. It always amazes me to think so many are still firmly mired in the illusions playing out before them. I wish I could wake them up but I cannot. They will only awaken to the truth when they are ready to gather up the courage to leave the lies behind. It requires great courage to face the truth and so we must not judge and be patient!

I just want to say how crucial it is that we question the system! We need to question everything. If we do not and if we continue to just believe whatever we are told we stop thinking for ourselves and when that happens we are in deep trouble! If we do not think for ourselves we continue to be manipulated and made to think how others want us to think. If we continue to do this, we give the dark the opportunity to do whatever is on their agenda without question which allows them to go wherever they choose to go with the planet. This is do or die time folks. It is up to all of us and nobody else to get this right. The whole universe is holding its breath watching and wondering if we will finally wake up in time and succeed in breaking the hold the darkness has had over the world forever. Will we?

So what is required of us to pull this off at long last? It is time for us to wake up and come to our senses! It is time to reinstate common sense back into our lives. If we had been exercising common sense, half of what has been going on would not have occurred. But we were asleep and our common sense was on vacation. We were suckered in and fell for it. Have you ever noticed how we are all rewarded when we allow ourselves to be pulled off our path and brought down? Look at all of the household gimmicks we have been inundated with to placate us and keep us from asking and questioning. Thousands of goodies to make life easier and unfortunately make us lazier and more unobservant. Everything we have been handed came with a massive price tag but we dared not look.

Well now we are looking, but still not enough of us. More than anything it is time we begin to value life again. So little of life has value anymore. The environment certainly does not, we abuse it. Our morality certainly does not because we continue to watch television and buy movie tickets to go and watch the devaluing of human life through murder and mayhem and violence and hatred and we call this entertainment. Now think about how insane that really is! Yes WE do it! Why? Because we do not value life or ourselves any longer. If we were to say no to such activities and refused to allow ourselves to be stripped of morals and values and we gave a damn about life and each other, things would be very different. Many times before there have been others that attempted to do what we are doing now, to bring love and peace to a tattered and torn humanity, but they were unable to finish the task. Each one of us can make a difference and help save humanity by our actions and our thoughts. The question is, will we?

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