Laura Bruno – Eight Of Wands: Expect The Unexpected – 5 October 2013

laura-of-the-rocksI keep seeing and hearing “Eight of Wands,” especially the image from the Robin Wood Tarot deck, which is the one I primarily use for readings:

Eight of Wands from the Robin Wood Tarot deck

Eight of Wands from the Robin Wood Tarot deck

Traditionally, this card represents sudden change, often with a feeling of Divine intervention or unanticipated “Fate.” In these chaotic times of the government shutdown charade and NWO desperation to trigger WW3 and/or global economic collapse and/or Martial Law, all happening amidst a rapid global and individual Awakening, we seem poised on the precipice of … Something. On the literal front, we’ve got Comet ISON and/or various meteors and/or black ops military fireballs hitting Earth, all at the same time that NASA has been (conveniently?) shut down by Washington shenanigans. If ever a time existed when NASA might truly serve humanity, one could argue that time is now, so I find it interesting that of the 15% of government actually shut down by this charade, NASA’s it.

A friend who would know also tells me that Antarctic research sits on the possibly imminent chopping block — a situation that also arrives at a curious time. On September 27th, The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) endorsed geoengineering (i.e. chemtrails) as having “the potential to substantially offset a global temperature rise.” As this Guardian author notes in an article titled, “Why has geoengineering been legistimised by the IPCC?”:

“This science is still very young. Climate science historian James Fleming describes such studies as ‘geo-scientific speculation.’ To include mention of geoengineering, and its supporting ‘evidence’ in a statement of scientific consensus, no matter how layered with caveats, is extraordinary.

“If I were one of the imagined policymakers reading this summary, sitting in a country whose politicians were unwilling to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions (ie any country), I would have reached that paragraph and seen a chink of light just large enough to make me forget all the dark data about how screwed up the planet is. And that scares me.”

I don’t know what’s up in the Antarctic, but we’ve experienced record Arctic ice growth in 2012-2013. Not to sound all conspiratorial or anything, but “Most Evil Corporation in the World,” Monsanto recently agreed to pay $930 million cash to buy San Francisco-based Climate Corp “for its expertise in agriculture analytics and risk management.” Organic farmers and researchers have long alleged that chemtrailing is destroying organic crops with aluminum at precisely the time Monsanto develops aluminum resistant seeds.

I just find it curious that the paltry 15% of the government actually shut down just happens to include:

1) very public national monuments, memorials and parks (some of which private individuals, states and organizations have offered to fund, to which the government has said no, and some of which actually cost more to close than to keep open)

2) most of NASA, at a time of increased meteorite and unpredictable space weather activity

3) the possibility of shutting down Antarctic ice research at a time when the Arctic has shown 60% growth in a year, when an international (globalist) group has quite “extraordinar[ily]” and seemingly out of the blue specifically endorsed chemtrails, and within a week of Monsanto purchasing Climate Corp.

Curious timing, if nothing else.

In any case, that Eight of Wands card keeps showing up in my dreams and flashing across my waking brain, and I keep hearing the phrase “Eight of Wands.” The chaotic energies floating around offer great opportunities for personal timeline and vibration maintenance. Keep those vibes high and your Spidey senses alert.

On the Aeclectic Tarot Forum, “spinningspider” notes:

“The ‘Eight of Wands’ is a card that any wild and wooly Sagittarius-Sun, Jupiter ruled, native would love. If there’s one thing us Archers crave it’s movement, and there’s plenty of that and more in this card. ‘course sometimes us Sag’s don’t know when enough is enough, and when this card comes up in a reading, especially reversed, it could be flashing the ‘WARNING – Overheated – Slow down!’ sign.

“Speaking of Jupiter, that’s the very planet that Robin included in the Eight of Wands…as well as a waxing moon and Jupiter’s own moon. One might not be able to visibly see Jupiter and the moons moving, but one can’t miss the action of the shooting, eight wands, with fire coming off their backsides, as if they were rockets. The wands themselves are not all the same, and for good reason. Robin wanted to show, ‘…that there may very well be a range of things going on here.’ If one wand jumps out over another, it would be wise to look at it carefully and see what message it brings.

“The Eight of Wands itself depicts an explosion of energy…decisive upwards and outwards movement. Perhaps the querent wondered about whether any active steps have been taken regarding whatever it is they are waiting for? Rest assured, depending on where this card comes up in a spread and the question asked, one can be pretty safe to surmise that things are moving and they’re moving swiftly, possibly even towards a conclusion. Or maybe the querent was wondering if it’s the time to act themselves? If the Eight of Wands is any indication, there’s a good chance that the querent, too, will be propelled forward in all the excitement and rush. Too fast for your taste? The querent needs to think long and hard about whether they can handle the pace. Even the go-go-go Sag can burn out at light speed if not careful. And furthermore, where ARE those wands going to land? Makes me think of the Archer who shoots his arrow and knows not always where the target is.

“Robin pointed out that the Eight of Wands could literally mean travel. Perhaps this could be unexpected travel or that there’s a need to get where you’re going and FAST. Also, traditionally the card could deal with receiving news. It’s best to be on the alert if you’ve got an inkling that important information is heading your way. Possibly the truth to some matter is due to be unfolded.”

Forum member “Jamil” provides additional insights that correspond with my general sense of this card at this time:

“It seems to me there are at least three natural viewpoints in this card, depending on the reading.

“From the point of view of space, the wands are a sudden an unexpected intrusion, though possibly only transient.

“From the point of view of the Earth, below, this could be a welcome or unwelcome departure of something or, given that the wands resemble a flight of ICBMs, that something is about to suddenly arrive or otherwise deliver its payload.

“And from the point of view of the wands, there is travel and headlong forward motion. Robin Wood explicitly compares the wands in this image to rockets. Rockets as we know them are limited by their fuel. They burn out quickly, if there isn’t the added impetus of extra stages–so maybe this sudden expansion hasn’t been prepared for, so things suddenly run out of fuel and are left to drift. Alternatively, if these wands are considered as ICBMs, then they are well on their way to completing their purpose, for good or ill, so we may be seeing someone whose purposes are coming to fruition.

“Two other things possibly worth mentioning, relating to the fire nature of the card. Jupiter is one of the planets which radiates some of its own heat, and is sometimes described as a ‘failed star,’ another pointer to the idea of sudden expansion that comes to nothing. Also, Robin Wood refers to Jupiter’s small moon in the image as Io, which is Jupiter’s famously volcanic moon, its vulcanism driven by how close it is to Jupiter’s mass, which may raise issues of how the sort of super-expansion show in the card may impact people and things in the surrounding environment.”

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention the recent uptick in worldwide volcanic activity as part of the ongoing mix of sudden possibilities. ;) In any chaotic situation, timelines converge that might otherwise exist far apart from one another. “Sudden change” can mean “welcome opportunity” for those who remain alert and aware of what they’d most love to experience.

My recommendation? Eight of Wands energy defies control, but we can influence how we embrace the bizarre twists of “Fate” headed our way. Whether subtle and transient or TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it), we can ride these waves of change and, yes, even celebrate Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. / link to original article


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