NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Woman Shot By Capitol Police After Ramming Barricades Was On Psychiatric Drugs, Antidepressants – 5 October 2013

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) After shooting and killing a young woman who tried to ram the barricades of the U.S. capitol yesterday, police and FBI conducted a search of her home in the hopes of finding “anti-government” material there. What they found instead were bottles of medications: antidepressants and schizophrenia drugs.

The woman, it turns out, was not a suicide bomber but a mental patient. She has been identified by law enforcement sources as Miriam Carey, and she had a one-year-old child with her in the car (with no weapons of any kind). This did not stop capitol police from shooting and killing her, of course, followed by widespread applause and celebration across D.C. and the entire mainstream media.

The incident highlighted the total paranoia that now rules Washington: the assassination of a young female mental patient with bad driving habits is now considered a “law enforcement success.” I have no doubt that in order to justify their bizarre actions, the police there are now hurriedly planting evidence in the woman’s apartment so they can say she had some other dastardly motive.

A nation of mental illness

In reality, the woman was just another over-medicated mental patient among millions who roam the streets of America, some on foot, others in vehicles. America is a nation of medication-induced zombies who are so incredibly disconnected from reality that many don’t even know which political party Obama belongs to.

This was revealed just yesterday by activist Mark Dice who caught people on camera admitting they have no idea which party Obama is affiliated with:

(Mark Dice must be scratching his head trying to figure out if any question is too stupid for the American public to fail to answer. So far, no limit of stupidity has yet been found…)

What you are seeing in this video is a nation of mental illness. According to capitol police in Washington, being mentally ill is justification for having your life terminated. That’s especially ironic, given how many people in the Obama administration and the Senate are, themselves, mentally ill. We are, in large part, a nation run by mentally ill sociopaths who crave power and domination over others.

Psychiatric meds involved in nearly every mass shooting

As Natural News has documented before, nearly every mass shooting in America has been linked to the use of psychiatric drugs such as antidepressants. Even the Aurora, Colorado shooter James Holmes was taking antidepressant drugs.

Extraordinary efforts have been made in the Sandy Hook shooting, in fact, to hide the toxicology report of the shooter there, making sure the public never learns that he was taking psychiatric meds like nearly all other shooters.

It is a simple fact that psychiatric drugs make many people feel disconnected from reality, allowing them to undertake actions they would not normally pursue such as shooting their fellow students or turning their vehicles into ramming weapons.

Click here to read the history of mass shootings linked to psychiatric drugs.

Obamacare puts more people on mind-altering meds

It is frightening to note that Obamacare considers psychiatric drugs to be “preventive medicine” — a total lie, of course, as mind-altering drugs don’t “prevent” mental illness at all. They merely attempt to conceal the symptoms of mental illness.

So if the Obamacare exchanges ever actually function and people are able to sign up, all this is going to accomplish is the placing of even more people on psychiatric medications, resulting in more mass killings by over-medicated mental patients who lose control.

Perhaps this is what the Obama administration actually wants. After all, the more mass shootings take place, the more Democrats can push for disarming private citizens and making sure all guns are solely in the hands of government agents. This has long been a key goal of the Democrats: the monopolization of firepower in the hands of government. Democrats are not anti-gun, they are actually “gun monopolists” who very much support guns in the hands of government while denying such rights to private citizens.

Psychiatric drugs are the engine that continue to drive people to precisely the kinds of insane violent acts that support this political agenda of gun monopolization.

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