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ActivistPost – The War On Drugs Is A War On You – 5 October 2013

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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Ron Paul Ruins A Great Economic Rant, Being Seriously Wrong On One Key Point – 5 October 2013

MishMikeShedlockIt really pains me to see Ron Paul (or anyone else) make a masterful statement on an issue, then blow it at the end with a nonsensical reference to something that is not going to happen.

To understand what I mean, please consider Ron Paul’s article A Grand Bargain for Liberty?

As heartened as we should be by the fight against Obamacare, we should be equally disheartened by the fact that so few in DC are talking about making real cuts in federal spending. Even fewer are talking about reductions in the most logical place to reduce spending: the military-industrial complex.  The US military budget constitutes almost 50 percent of the total worldwide military spending.  Yet to listen to some in Congress, one would think that America was one canceled multi-million dollar helicopter contract away from being left totally defenseless. Continue reading

Irish Examiner – Catholic Church ‘Will Not Pay’ Child Sex Victims – 5 October 2013

Irish Examiner

Poland’s Catholic Church has said it will not pay compensation to victims of priests who sexually abused children.

By Monika Scislowska

Rev Jozef Kloch said in comments aired by Polish Radio 1 that responsibility for compensation lies with the perpetrator.

Kloch was reacting to a €47,500 claim made by a 25-year-old victim against his parish and local church authorities after they failed to reach a settlement. The claim could now be taken to court, in what would be Poland’s first such case.

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BBC News – Al-Shabab Militant Base Attacked On Coast Of Somalia – 5 October 2013

BBC News

(Lucas : I last week talked about the possible new way of seeking war now Somalia is again targeted for the false flag by operatives and agents of the cabal done in Kenya to still get a war going now via Al-Shabab- (Al Shabaab) Islamist.  It is the new Al-Qaeda phantom that was sponsored and built to get in Africa things going for the Cabal… The attack today is showing that they are desperate to get to war. Israel is still hyping Iran as a threat now Syria is not happening for them. Now ‘Unidentified Foreign Forces’ attack Barawe Somalia from the sea with a raid on the town. The only ones being there are UK and American Vessels, Russians and NATO vessels from other countries also the Dutch have a fregat for the coast patrolling to fight Somali pirates. Let me say to you, we will hear more about it… of course!) 

Unidentified foreign forces have launched a night-time raid on a militant base in the south Somali town of Barawe from the sea, reports say.

Senior militants, said variously to be from Somalia’s al-Shabab Islamist group or al-Qaeda, were reportedly targeted.

Read the whole story at : www.bbc.co.uk / link to original article

BusinessInsider – Wallstreet Bankers All Speculating On Scenarios Around Shutdown – 5 October 2013

businessInsiderMorgan Stanley Explains The ‘Beautiful Shutdown’ Scenario:

Quote: “Morgan Stanley’s house view continues to be that the U.S. government will not default.” Continue reading

John Ward – Personal Space: Why This Decade Will Be Remembered As The One Where Privacy Went Public – 5 October 2013

JohnWIt will never be fully clear which was the chicken and which the egg when the history of liberty’s destruction finally comes to be written. But the two co-operative factors involved are, without doubt, the State’s obsessive desire to control the citizen; and the arrival of technology to make it possible as never before.

By one means or another – retail customer information files, EFTPOS, the internet, Satnav, social networking sites, ISP deals done with national security agencies, and the merging of visual, written and aural media – IT has ensured that everyone now is a target. From here on, all we are looking at is target practice: a training programme for snoopers that will one day ensure those in charge will be advising us when to take a dump and ordering us to buy stuff, or else. Continue reading

CommonDreams – Jacob Chamberlain – Democracy vs. ‘Wel\althocracy’: People Rally Against ‘Next Citizens United’ – 5 October 2013

common-dreamsRuling in favor of big-money donors in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission would be ‘absolute perversion of the First Amendment’

– Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer

Starting next week, the U.S. Supreme Court will begin oral arguments in a case many are calling “the next Citizens United” for its potential to vastly enhance the power of money in politics beyond its already lethal hold.Shaun McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission will begin court hearings on Tuesday. Continue reading

CommonDreams – Andrea Germanos – Win : Fracking Company Pulls Out Of UK Site – 5 October 2013

common-dreamsWin: Fracking Company Pulls Out of UK Site

‘This is just one skirmish in what may well prove to be a long war,’ says anti-fracking group

– Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Protesters stage an anti-fracking protest ourside County Hall at Preston in Lancashire, just hours before Cuadrilla’s announcement. (screengrab from Lancashire Evening Post video)Anti-fracking campaigners in the UK are enjoying at least a temporary victory on Friday following news that energy company Cuadrilla was pulling out of a shale gas site in Lancashire. Continue reading

DL Zeta – Celestial Vision – Waking And Nightly Dreams Offer Glimpses Into TImelines Along Our ‘Holgram Highways’ – 5 October 2013

DLZetaEach person has many timelines within their life hologram. At any given time, our life hologram or energetic template for our life, contains timelines we have already experienced and those we have yet to encounter. Every day we glimpse these new potentials in various ways though we may not always recognize them as such. Tuning in these “glimpses” allows us to further explore alternate potentials before choosing which life track we will shift our energy and focus to. We will describe here some ways to perceive alternate life tracks. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Woman Shot By Capitol Police After Ramming Barricades Was On Psychiatric Drugs, Antidepressants – 5 October 2013

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) After shooting and killing a young woman who tried to ram the barricades of the U.S. capitol yesterday, police and FBI conducted a search of her home in the hopes of finding “anti-government” material there. What they found instead were bottles of medications: antidepressants and schizophrenia drugs.

The woman, it turns out, was not a suicide bomber but a mental patient. She has been identified by law enforcement sources as Miriam Carey, and she had a one-year-old child with her in the car (with no weapons of any kind). This did not stop capitol police from shooting and killing her, of course, followed by widespread applause and celebration across D.C. and the entire mainstream media. Continue reading