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Greetings to all…

I find this photo quite luscious to gaze at. Quite ethereal and alluring. I wish I could walk into it and be there for a while. Maybe someday. I just wanted to let you know I am taking some time off to do some walking in the woods and deep thinking. I am not sure if I will continue to keep posting or not. Two years of daily writing has pretty much wiped my brain clear of ideas. Too force them would defeat my purpose. What is meant to be known must flow out naturally and effortlessly. I look at blogs who post reblogs of alternative news and their follower numbers are way higher than mine. This makes me wonder if readers are not wanting to know the news of what is going on in the world more now than wanting to learn about how to live in their hearts and be peace. That was important in the build up to 12-21-12, but that has passed and the shift is well underway. Lots to think about. I hope the forest has the answers. I don’t know what audience I need to be writing for anymore. It used to be easy when I was waking people up but it feels like we are well beyond that space now. We are no longer waiting for the shift to come, we are tumbling head first through it, like being tossed in a clothes dryer. I have no earthly idea about what comes next for us so I can’t write about that either. What is unfolding minute by minute for you is unfolding the same way for me. It is all new to all of us.

The energies are intense right now and at times unsettling for sure. You can feel the approach of something big in the air, but what? Are we ready for it? Is this finally our moment? Who knows. We are all free-falling through mid-air together, hands clasped firmly together and saying our prayers. Life in the new world is grand and full of love, but the obstacles being thrown up in front of us to try to stop us become a drag. The final battle is playing out and no crystal ball is needed to tell us who wins. Love and Light always wins. It is not always easy to write everyday and as things drop off like comments from readers and the number of views a day, I have to wonder if all the effort is paying off. Ideas no longer flow from me as I too am walking in new territory and am not certain what I should write about any longer.

Maybe my readers would like more news as well as what I write? Yes/No? I do not wish to just reblog news articles all the time though, I started this blog to release my creativity and for me that meant writing. So you see, I am not certain where I will go next with this . Maybe it is just time to end. When something becomes a struggle it means it is no longer flowing out as it should be. It may just be I need a break during this time and if something major comes forward it will be time to write again. Not to say these times right now are not major, whew! There is just so many times you can post however about the intensity. I am not a channeler so I am not receiving special insights from above. I just write from my heart and my own life experiences. So we shall see. For the moment I am going to enjoy the fall colors and crisp days and start the soup pot bubbling on the stove again. If an idea comes forth I will post it. Stay in your heart and share your compassion with others. Peace to you all!

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