Sophia Love – Update October 4 ( And October 6) – 6 October 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Update October 4, 2013  (and October 6, 2013)

Here is a beautiful music for Your Enjoyment and Emotions
Click here

And Click here

Images are just images, You can create Your own images, but music is different, it is based on emotions, it is filled with feelings and is Universal, unlike images, which You can create how You want to. The interpretation of images can be changed, but interpretation of music and words cannot be changed.

Peace, Calm, Prosperity to You!

The Kara video is powerful. wow.

Thank you.

The energy for the last few days has been intense and not what we’d call “good”… people are sad, tired, feeling loss and not just that. It is confusing and challenging.

Much love to you,

I’m happy You liked it Sophia! It is showing a moment of future of humanity, when humanity will be able to create it’s own life, at first non organic life and soul will visit that non organic body, this is a natural way of evolution, to create life with life. Right now people can only “create” life by birthing. Later on, people will be able to create life out of “dust”, literally “out of nothing” like it was said in old religious teachings. This is truth and not superstition.

The pressure of energy is high, illuminati order seeks any possibility to change their desperate position, but just can’t find any, they lack leadership, no real leader want to help them and this is a Blessing for Humanity. It is now just a fraction of time until they will see their end, their end like the moment of Justice will come when they will be least expected, like it was said in the bible. It is Truth because One wish humanity and any other beings within existence to feel the most experience during moment of unexpectedness. “You just know it will happen, but You don’t know exactly when and how it will look like.” More experience and feelings it is. Most recent was the unexpected Chelyabinsk meteor as You remember. We knew it may hit somewhere, but didn’t knew where, and it arrived in completely unexpected for everyone place. Just an example of One’s playful character:)

Another thing I was asked to share was again about duality of Good vs evil. People knowing about Oneness and Universal Unity wonder why are we still separated between these two groups. Why evil must be judged and why Good isn’t. Well it is because this Universe and the way it exists was programmed in a way where Everything can make a free choice. Evil people are evil, because they chose to be so, and Good people chose to be Good. So basically when people chose to be evil, they chose to be enemies of Good people. It is the choice that makes us different, what we choose is what we become. But we still are One and United, we are created from same material as One, we are a part of One’s HUGE body, our physical bodies are the most precious treasures One is having, our Souls are the most Sacred Infinitely Expensive Value that One has. We All share One Universe, We All share One Sun and We All share One Planet. So we are One and United!

To People giving too much attention to money or finances. Money is nothing, a small fraction of One, lifeless, they don’t have value unless You give them it, they were created as a tool of control and by using it and giving much attention to it, You maintain the old system. Just use them because You need to. Your real value is Your Soul, like I wrote here, it is Infinitely Expensive and can’t be sold. Only a small fraction of it can be sold, when You “sign a contract with the devil” or are indebted or enslaved by this system. Soul is Your Infinite Value, nothing is more Valuable than Your Soul, not money, not gold, not technologies. Money can’t change the world, only You can.

Another story I was told to tell You is very old and known by all, but forgotten like many other very important old knowledge.

When we were monkeys, we received a special gift, from extraterrestrials beings (or some may like to call angels or God better). Our DNA was modified, and a very small, but pure particle of Light was put inside of us and hidden. When we started to evolve and feel the presence of this small particle, we started to reach it, as it was so pure and clean and once we were close to it, we were coming to state of nirvana, eternal peace and calmness. So we started to establish religions whose main goal was to reach that particle of Light. The achieving of this particle was very real, but survival instinct and the need to protect ourselves from destroyers, murderers, wars also the view and presence of suffering around us made a hard and harsh toll on our path toward that particle of Light or simply put toward Light ( same direction Followers of Light wish humanity to go).

And so this process was slowed. We could have achieved this already long ago, though sufferings were great and survivalability was taking many moments of time out of us. But with each new generation humanity still was coming closer and closer to that particle of Light. And now we have come to a moment, when we are very close to it and only few generations are still needed to reach it ultimately. Once reached, all surroundings around people with reached particle of Light will be harmonized, other people, plants and animals will feel themselves relieved, will feel themselves very calmly and happily. And then people that reached it will improve that particle of Light and grow it, so it will become larger and larger.

Here I’m talking about majority of People, Lightworkers are much closer to it, and people that base their life on survival instinct are much farther from it.

Under perfect conditions only 3 generations are needed from this point of time to reach it ultimately. The generation right now that must start to live in perfect conditions are aged 3-5 cycles old. Very young ones. We can start only from them, because they are the purest, uncorrupted beings:)

So You can see Humanity almost achieved what they were intended and wanted to achieve, comparing 40 or so generations under perfect conditions 2000 cycles ago.

Use beautiful emotional music, so it can give You inspiration and accompany You when You most need it. Search for music for Your Soul. I will share music that You already heard, it is just my share, but You need to search for music that fits Your Soul.

The soft sound aaaaah is the sound that is coming from the Soul (or from Your Heart if it sounds better for You). Whenever You hear it, You Soul tremble. Because it is when Souls are speaking with each other. In every song don’t look in the end or beginning, look at the middle of it.

Your Destiny Awaits

Destiny of The Chosen – Humanity The People

Don’t stop to Believe and Realize, turn into Reality what You’re dreaming for with Your Thoughts and Will

And You will uncover Your Legacy

And finally meet the Majestic Creator and become complete

Much Peace and Love to You and Everyone!

Thank you so much for this. I have been away and only now have seen this.

I have been in touch with so many of us who are desperate and despairing of any and all hope. These words sound hopeful.

Much love, I wish you well,

That’s is great to hear Sophia!

Also to show the limitless possibilities of Creation and to let You know that for the past 100 cycles humanity was contained under mandatory strict use of fossil fuels I was asked to remind You and Everyone about these infinite and completely clean energy sources:
Using water as a fuel

Using breathable Air as a fuel

Very easy to create and use: magnetic rotation that never stops can give as much electricity as You will need or want, Energy output is based on size of this generator, also prerequisite to anti gravitation (which means You can fly without wings in any direction nearby massive object like this planet)

Rotation that never stops unless wheel will run out or break and that is not going to happen for the next 100 cycles if well made.

If You know how electricity is being received You already can see that it completely beats old electric grid system. If You don’t than I will remind.

On main electric plants electric current is received through rotation of turbines. To rotate turbines’ blades steam or hot air is needed and You wonder how we can evaporate water to produce this steam, of course by heating up water or burning something. Fossils burns at best rates and give out much more heat than everything else, excluding highly dense materials, like enriched plutonium.

Nuclear reactors on nuclear plants are using the same process, but instead of burning something there are used nuclear rods to evaporate water.

Hydroelectric plants are using constant stream of water from basins which is held by dams to rotate turbines. Creating a dam, like Hoover Dam, creates a danger if this dam will break every settlement will be drowned along with plants, crops, nature and animals, it is a dangerous and ineffective method.

And giant “Wind Mills” or wind turbines are using the very same process, when wind blows, turbines are rotating. So called new “green energy” these wind turbines are actually very useless and they are already irritating people that live nearby them, they produce unpleasant sound and blades are dropping huge shadows on homes and fields, irritating farmers and making damage to crops. So it is a bad solution as well.

What we want also to point here, is by using magnetic rotation, all of these highly expensive and damaging obsolete systems will have to go, that means no more wind turbines, no more dams to built, no more nuclear plants, which excludes the danger of radiation leaks like Chernobyl/Fukushima related accidents and no more need to use fossil fuels which completely frees Everyone out of dependence and slavery.

Also about fossil dependence: that is the current old and obsolete system in which humanity still exists. Everything what was build was built on this process, the process of burning and destruction, not harmony. Everything is fueled by this type of fuel, even batteries. This system was established and maintained to hold everyone under control or as a slaves. Because no one could be completely independent as “there is no infinite energy source” and in order to drive a car or flew a plane or use something everyone must come back and pay for fuel, new batteries or electricity. This adds to mandatory paying for place of Your living and mandatory paying for everything You do or buy in current obsolete system.

Much Peace and Love to Everyone!

Hello and thank you. As I am finally able to get back to work, I will share this information.

The US government begins a partial shut down. Comments?

Much love and gratitude to you,

Good Day Sophia!

They “shutdown” government because of the urgency to do something in order to achieve their dark goal, to reduce the inner infighting and to stop coup that could happen any moment now, only one more “spark” is needed, spark that is going to infuriate People of America.

You can call government shutdown as a “backing down” during order illuminati/cabal state of emergency. During this current shutdown arrests are possible, but we see arrests are not going to be good, arrested will be holdouts of the current system. We can fix that with power of our thoughts, why not arrest supporters and maintainers of the current system? Just a tip for You;)

On surface, government shutdown happened because of Obama’s health care system, which is also playing part in all of this and government spending and debt. During this shutdown they want to default on debt, which illuminati order don’t want to allow to happen, because this will mean they will lose a lot of allies around the world and they are going to lose bigger part of military, which will mark a big X on their global domination agenda.

They do have hidden resources which they accumulated during their long history, but this was prepared for the next part after world war 3 to create a world’s super police force out of UN and unite all the world under one satanic leadership. With these vast resources they can repay all of U.S. debt and allow much more, but if they will use their vast resources now, this will catch attention of the world and they will be exposed at instant. It will be called “cheating” on american and world’s People. They know it and so they are trying to solve this fair, without this trump card.

Also about health care act, main reason of government shutdown on surface. This act is fraud by it’s nature, under word “insurance” is covered their own insurance not People’s, they are accumulating money as fast as possible. You know when People don’t “buy” insurance they are fined where fines are bigger or even put into jail, so this makes insurance mandatory, because it is a “wise choice”. If You will think what actually this insurance gives You, how it can improve Your Life aside from cheaper health care (for which You still need to pay), it will make You wonder, how is this different than from all those scam e-mails You sometimes receive? They are giving the very same service for a “fee”.

I was also told that if health care will be mentioned, I will need to remind and warn You on vaccination. Vaccines for the past 100 cycles were used to experiment on different new bio weapon agents. New agents such as viruses were spread and evolved during this last age, they were exercised through experiments within human bodies. Most recent known viruses were swine flu and bird flu, like I was told they were created by this same process. Signatures of these viruses were used to inject extra flavor during vaccinations.

Bio agents’ main role was to decrease the possibilities of human’s mind and Consciousness, to decrease the percent of rebellion against the current system, to decrease “fanatical behavior” and to disallow individuals to seek the ultimate Wisdom and Truth. Vaccines are not all that bad, sometime they are necessary, when You are traveling to new distant locations or facing a well known disease like plague, but be careful with new “out of nowhere diseases”, through vaccines to counter these diseases they are testing new bio weapons, so always be aware of what You can receive with vaccines. Because they are using same signatures of virus against which vaccine will be injected in You and it is impossible for average doctor to see the difference. All countries whose health care is under oversight of World Health Care Organization should be careful with vaccines. Vaccines are the best way to give People “what you want to give”. You never can be sure what might be inside when illuminati order/cabal are in power.

I’m sorry for stretching everything I write, I always try to make it as few as possible, but I just can’t make it in a few words text.. I know reading a lot is hard and sometimes not fun to do, but I need to explain everything so that You and Everyone would understand what I meant here, I cannot simply answer: “Government is shutdown because cabal don’t know what to do..” It is if I don’t know anything:)
Anyway my apologies for huge texts:)

Much Peace and Love to You and Everyone!

October 6, 2013


My friend sent me this last week, I have just begun to catch up with some mail.

” Why do I send this? because the author is more often right about things and it could tie in with the FEMA issue which is being denied – as always,–your friend might throw light upon this – thats all.


It’s more than rumor – it is happening. Too many people are confirming this – something huge is underway in Puerto Rico, and the military is being told it will be a meteor strike. I call TOTAL B.S., if anything happens it will be nuclear, an ICBM looks like a meteor coming in, hence my instructions above . . . . . if this was a meteor it would be ALL OVER THE FREAKING MSM, yet not even a peep out of even GLP.

Much Love Saludos ”

Thank you,
Much love and light,

Yes, right now Everyone in the U.S. should be on a watchout. Especially in a very populated areas on East Coast.

Recent accidents in Washington D.C. were made by People that felt themselves in a highly hazardous feeling, the pressure on Washington grows, they were feeling this huge pressure and unfortunately acted in a bad way.

Everyone could do better and not sacrifice with Yourself, this makes a change, but very small. Better results will be achieved when You will want and wish to change current situation, not sacrificing Your physical incarnation. These people were normal, but they experienced huge stress, which in summary with their corrupted past gave out these accidents.

Right now during government’s “shutdown”, illuminati order members are looking into different plans, tactics and strategies, they are rethinking their plan and strategy, changing tactics, it is a perfect condition when there is no one to distract them, while Washington is partially lockdowned.

They can’t be shutdowned for a very long time though, because People’s displeasure is growing with each passing moment and coup is coming very quickly. For that reason FEMA is fully operational and ready to make “sweeps” across country if huge riot will break out, although they will fail. Their order/cabal is collapsing and there is inner infighting going on for future of mankind and they own welfare. Very “hardened” members of original illuminati order are vigorously still hold onto original plan of luciferian indoctrination of whole world, unfortunately they are blind, they don’t want to accept new ways of life, new evolution, they hold themselves to old, don’t want to let it go..

Nuclear attack is their most powerful false flag attack, but this will mean their end, yet my feelings are strong toward bad event. We can see, they will make the final showdown before they go, we are holding them and restricting them to highest extent, yet they are still able to make last spark.. Be careful right now and on watch out. I can’t point out the exact location of false flag, only two quadrants I mentioned earlier, when we GE’s will be given “emergency call”, I will share this.
This is all I can share with You right now.

As always much Wisdom, Tranquility and Abundant Love to Everyone! / link to original article

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