AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Actually – 9 October 2013

eileenmeyerThe transformational dreams, messages, and experiences have been quite profound lately. For the past few weeks the energy delivered poetry. This Sunday morning the energy blended with me and delivered these unusual sounds at the start:


Maya Kitty loves the altar… feels she belongs

I  tried to reproduce the sound later, on my own, but I could not. Also, my Maya Kitty was napping on the bed and became quite intoxicated with the sounds and jumped up onto the desk. Then as I was speaking/translating, she was pushing her loud-purring face into my face. She’s never responded to my energetic translation work quite like this before. When I listen back to the throaty sounds that I made, I experience my throat and heart centers opening simultaneously – responding to the sound as if it were actually happening in my body again. The last time I felt this kind of opening was back in 1986, while attending a group Bashar (Darryl Anka) session in San Diego. This unusual menthol warmth was happening in my throat, heart and 3rd eye. It was so powerful that I couldn’t move or speak for awhile. When I could, I asked Bashar what was happening to me. He replied (paraphrasing from memory), “Could it be that your body is opening and preparing to share? You will know more about this in your own perfect timing, as your life unfolds…”

Message from Sunday, October 6th.

What is changing is ‘actually’ quite simple. There is a choice that is being made for each individual at this time. Some who are attached through the ‘glue of fear’ will choose to stay with it, and continue to explore it further. Those who have invested their attention… who have chosen to explore, to step into the unknown, to welcome entirely new or different ways of perceiving… those individuals will experience more and more expansion. And these beings will be learning, if you will, how to be actual, how to live ‘fully present’; how to stream more of their consciousness into an experience with Earth; in alignment with Earth. There are many, many [human-earth] stories that so many of you had been involved in the telling of and the repeating of. We are saying at this time that the old stories will go. The stories are no longer relevant for they are created from this world that you have always known. You will not trade old stories for new stories. You will be actual. / link to original article

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