John Ward – Yes, You’re Right: They;’re All Mad. Beat Them By Staying Sane. – 9 October 2013

JohnWYellen pick for Fed helps salve US woes’ lies the Financial Times in it’s second lead this morning. As the Black Dude had only one person on his list, it can’t have been the most challenging ‘pick’ of his Presidency. And no woes have been ‘salved’, he has merely confirmed the supremacy of America’s Unreality Bubble.

This is, mind you, only as unreal as Britain’s loathsome press corps courting regulation at every turn and then proclaiming that an attack on 24/7 smears is an attack on civil rights. Freedom of the press is a liberty, but if that is abused by license, then sooner or later the press will have to be properly watchdogged. My profession of advertising used to tell the odd porkie about how much sugar there might be in a yoghurt, but these days every last claim has to be rigorously tested and demonstrated. Given the press gets away with whoppers about rather bigger issues such as the economy, celeb sexual procilivities, what politicians did or didn’t do, Syrian atrocities and ClubMed austerity, they can hardly moan that MPs are now saying the post-Leveson self-regulation scheme is a sham.

Almost everyone today lives in harmony with the ridiculous idea that no action, however foolhardy, will ever have consequences of an unpleasant nature. Raising debt ceilings, pumping up insane stock prices, making things that break within half an hour, repeating austerity mistakes, subordinating bondholders, creating housing bubbles, pretending to have control over borrowing costs….on and on it goes: anything to keep the plates in the air.

There is only one thing left we can do in this environment: plan to survive. Get out of cash, buy durables and precious metals, buy agricultural land, get an allotment, and maximise one’s energy independence. What’s coming is a blip, but it will feel at first like The End. Making it through to the other side is the only focus you should have.

All the ‘investments’ I’ve mentioned will lose value, but it doesn’t matter. The one thing guaranteed to end up worthless is fiat currency. Have just enough to tick over, and no more. Ignore ‘financial advisors’, they’re just salesmen. Be equipped, be prepared, and be as invisible as possible. / link to original article

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