Sophia Love – Winging It – 9 October 2013

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

This mountain top is familiar, yet not as comfortable as remembered.  It feels mostly, well, windy. Quiet.  Stark.  It is going to take some wings to move on.  Specially made wings, fitted for just this body.

It’s time to fly.  It’s going to be interesting without the usual navigational equipment.  You see, it’s all broken.  Not for a lack of effort, mind you.  All of the usual suspects were consulted to repair the damage:








Self defeat

None of them did the job.

When the tool chest was emptied, all that was heard was the wind at the top of that mountain; all that was left was agape:


Is all

Just a love contest

And I never


Now you have another good reason

To spend more time



“The Gift” by Haviz

… crumpled and tossed in the corner, easy to disregard.  Yet desperation demands that all options be considered.

If I want to fly, I’ll need some wings.  If I want some wings, I’ll need love to make them.  I looked closer at the crumpled up paper of agape and found something written on the back – other tools:





That last one?  Well, it must be some new fangled, 21st century, quantum meta physical gadget.  Not sure how that would grow these wings, but, desperate now, I tried them all.

It was scary.  This mountain is high.  These eyes are wide open.  There is no map and it’s a long way down.

But I’m not going down.  These wings were built to fly.  They may take me somewhere, someday, but it doesn’t really matter.  No need to worry about the landing.  Not today.  Today I fly.  There’s also no need to worry about:

What the wings look like

How much the wings cost

Where there parts came from

How many others see them/want them/touch them/use them

Keeping the wings safe

It is so much easier to fly with wings and without worries that I’ve decided to stay up here.  While there are lots of potential problems with landing, that’s not the plan.  Not today.

There are lots of pairs of wings up here and it’s beautiful.  And that last one?  Joy?  It seems to be the key component of the most powerful wings.

We don’t have to wait anymore for the really happy part.  We can just create it with our hearts.  It is there from which every necessary tool is built.

We are Master builders, creators and fliers; let’s fill the skies with our wings and the air with our song.  With each meeting and greeting we’ll remember the truth and laugh.  Mountain tops were never made for sitting on.  They are just windy, cold, lonely places.  They are, however, perfect launch pads.

Let’s fly.  We’ve been waiting a very long time, and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

~Sophia  link to original article

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