John Ward – Revealed: How Coop Chairman Len Wardle Paid Off Ed Balls – 10 October 2013

JohnWLast Friday,  Co-Op Group Chairman and escapee from blame for the demise of co-operative banking Len Wardle attended the Cooperative Party Conference in Edinburgh. With him was Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor. They socialised – as you’d expect: for the Cooperative Party bankrolls Big Ed Bigtime. There’s nothing illegal or sleazy about that: under our idiotic Party-funding rules, any Tom, Dick or Adolf can press money into the hands of Britain’s legislators such that Their Will Shall Be Done.

However, sleazy is as sleazy does. As The Slog posted earlier today, there can be little doubt any more that the ‘mutual’ hahahahahaaaa interests of Balls & Wardle are that the truth of the Cooperative Bank fraud and bailin scandal should never be known.

Such close comradeship is often sealed by the sticky nature of munneeee. So it was that during fiscal year 2011/12, the Cooperative Group made a one-off payment to Edward Balls of £50,000 under a heading described thus:

‘Furthermore, £50,000 was also donated to the Labour Party to support the Shadow Chancellor’s office’.

Myself and others have looked into this donation. It is unprecedented.

In an earlier post today, I confirmed as follows: ‘Balls boasted the merger between a cooperative and a mutual (the first of its kind) would create a ‘super mutual’. What it actually created was a bank toxic enough to make Fukushima’s leak look like that from a luminous watch. But Balls’ actions earned lavish praise from Wardle and other members of the Co-operative movement.’

As they say, “There is no such thing as a free lunch”.

Question: why has this obviously doubtful one-off payment not been the subject of Parliamentary and/or Labour/Conservative Party questions in the House?

Answer: Because they are all up to their brass necks in this deception. / link to original article

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